Practical Introduction to the Command Line

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You'll understand and distinguish between the fundamental terms - terminal emulator, shell, bash, command line, and prompt.

You'll know how to effectively manipulate files and directories through the command line.

You'll Learn how to apply your knowledge of the command line to solve day-to-day problems.

Clock2 hours
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In this project, you will use the UNIX command line to create photo albums that organize photos into directories by date. You'll learn what's the difference between a terminal, bash, command-line, and prompt. With lots of hands-on exercises, you'll master the most fundamental Unix commands for navigating, manipulating and inspecting files. Interacting with a computer through a command-line interface (CLI) is a powerful technique. In such an interface, you type commands telling the computer to perform desired tasks. Mastering the command line can greatly improve your productivity during development.

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TerminalBashCommand LineComputer ProgrammingProductivity

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  1. Task 1: Terminal, Bash, Command Line and Prompt

  2. Task 2: Execute Commands and Escape

  3. Task 3: Navigate and Explore

  4. Task 4: Create Files and Directories

  5. Task 5: Write, Read and Concatenate

  6. Task 6: Options and Chaining Commands with Pipes

  7. Task 7: Copy, Move and Remove Files

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