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Hello and welcome to the course! In this intermediate course on Typescript. By the end of this course, you will have worked with all the main Typescript types, both simple and advanced. You will have written Typescript code and compiled it using the command line. You will also get experience writing classes in Typescript to understand the way Typescript implements OOP. Finally you will restructure your files to represent a real-world setup In this course, we are going to focus on the following learning objectives: - Understand what Typescript is and why companies use it - Learn all of the basic types and use them, eg, strings, numbers arrays etc - Learn advanced types and use them, eg, enums and interfaces etc - Write classes and understand OOP principles in Typescript - Restructure our project files for real-world dev example By the end of this course you will be comfortable to start using Typescript on real projects...

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2020년 12월 3일

The course was all that I was expecting and the lecturer is so good at explaining!


2021년 4월 25일

Nice course on TypeScript. Covered all the basics.

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Typescript - Learn the fundamentals의 14개 리뷰 중 1~14

교육 기관: Oliver S

2021년 2월 5일

These Guided Projects are perfect for a quick start into a new topic. Also useful as a comprehensive refresher of skills not used in a while. This could become the base for a great catalog of skills to rehearse for for job interviews.

교육 기관: Журмухамедов М С

2020년 11월 22일

Быстро прошлись по всем основным компонентам ТайпСкрипта. Практических примеров тут нет.

교육 기관: Lasal J

2020년 12월 4일

The course was all that I was expecting and the lecturer is so good at explaining!

교육 기관: Jayesh T

2021년 4월 26일

Nice course on TypeScript. Covered all the basics.

교육 기관: WEI X

2022년 3월 14일

it is clearly for beginner.

교육 기관: Miguel G

2022년 1월 16일


교육 기관: Edward A

2021년 1월 4일


교육 기관: Vishal R S

2021년 10월 11일

It's a wonderful course to jump start with TypeScript provided you have a basic under standing of JavaScript.

교육 기관: Rafał S

2021년 1월 22일

Generally ok, but has some minor technical issues (like background noises and some small mistakes in code)

교육 기관: Manfred H

2022년 2월 16일

ssumewhat perficoiacourse is somewhat superficial

교육 기관: Vince M

2021년 1월 9일

Solid content, but not much for 10 dollars

교육 기관: Mason S

2021년 1월 19일

It's a pretty good overview of typescript. I thought the deep dive of JS classes was not needed as it doesn't have much to do with typescript. I would have liked to see more common problems you are bound to come across in real development when working with typescript and how to solve them and understand the hints typescript gives you.

My biggest gripe is the audio is not great as there is a constant white noise and at one point the laptop fans are pretty loud, as well as a constant beeping from a dead smoke detector. If the audio was better I'd give it 4/5.

교육 기관: GAN Y T _

2020년 12월 11일

you can find the same resource in the typescript doc, free youtube vids or online articles.

교육 기관: Inder P S

2020년 11월 25일

it doesnt load