Schedule Cron Job on Google App Engine

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You will learn how to write Cron Job in Flask

You will learn configure cron service on App Engine

You will learn to schedule cron and test it out on App Engine

Clock1 hour 30 minutes
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This project is for people who are interested in learning how to schedule a cron job in Google App Engine. In this project, you will learn about Cron Job and get familiar with App Engine Cron Service and its Configuration file. You will also learn to create a simple cron job functionality in Flask and deploy it on the App engine and finally set and test scheduled cron jobs. This project will help to automate any feature and so save time and effort. You can also add a new skill to your resume and make your profile better for exciting job opportunities. For this project, You should have an account on Google Cloud Platform and also be familiar with creating basic API in Flask.

개발할 기술

Google App Engine (GAE)FlaskCron Scheduler

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  1. Learn how to set up Google Cloud Platform account and create project in GCP.

  2. Write cron job in Flask

  3. Configure cron service

  4. Format cron schedule and specify retries

  5. Deploy cron on App Engine and Test the scheduled cron

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