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Evidence forms the basis of modern medicine. Clinical research provides us with this evidence, guiding health professionals towards solutions to problems that they face in daily practice. Transferring existing problems in medical practice to a research setting is a challenging process that requires careful consideration. The practice of clinical epidemiology aims to address this through the application of established approaches for research in human populations, while at all times focussing on the problem at hand from a clinical perspective. This course teaches the principles and practice of clinical epidemiology, drawing on real problems faced by medical professionals and elaborating on existing examples of clinical research. Medical researchers will lean how to translate real clinical problems into tangible research questions for investigation, gaining insight into some of the most important considerations when designing an epidemiological study along the way. Core concepts will be introduced along four key themes: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and etiology. Followers of this course will develop their understanding of the topics addressed through lectures from experts, peer interaction and review assignments....

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2020년 6월 22일

It was wonderful course. I helped develop my skills in developing research questions and selecting the design method. I'm motivated for further study in clinical epidemiology.

Thank you!


2020년 10월 11일

Nice, thought provoking, brain engaging, different, unusual ways to attract to learning and getting the feedback in innovative way, trying to fill up the gap in usual offline classes.

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