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This course allows you to apply the SQL skills taught in “SQL for Data Science” to four increasingly complex and authentic data science inquiry case studies. We'll learn how to convert timestamps of all types to common formats and perform date/time calculations. We'll select and perform the optimal JOIN for a data science inquiry and clean data within an analysis dataset by deduping, running quality checks, backfilling, and handling nulls. We'll learn how to segment and analyze data per segment using windowing functions and use case statements to execute conditional logic to address a data science inquiry. We'll also describe how to convert a query into a scheduled job and how to insert data into a date partition. Finally, given a predictive analysis need, we'll engineer a feature from raw data using the tools and skills we've built over the course. The real-world application of these skills will give you the framework for performing the analysis of an AB test....

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2020년 9월 22일

A good course for learning and apply sql to conduct analysis on ab testing results. Would be better if the instructor could provide more info about how to design and apply AB Testing on the customers


2019년 7월 29일

The instructor is very smart and her syllabus is very easy to follow. The real life examples are great and helps put ideas in perspective! I would definitely recommend this course and already have!

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Data Wrangling, Analysis and AB Testing with SQL의 245개 리뷰 중 126~150

교육 기관: Edoh A

2021년 10월 28일


교육 기관: Cesar J L R

2022년 6월 13일


교육 기관: César V C

2022년 5월 5일


교육 기관: Karen K

2021년 7월 2일


교육 기관: chen c

2021년 9월 21일


교육 기관: Kartik D

2021년 10월 15일

The course is good. You will get to learn a lot from this course, as compared to previous Course(which is just the basic). The exercises are somewhat hard. Half of the time, it is due to ambiguity of the questions itself. You will feel frustrated on not knowing what to do. So, if this ambiguity is removed, the quality of the course can be improved. Further, the instructor should provide more videos/content on teaching SQL concepts which are neither taught in this course nor in the previous one but are used in the course.

교육 기관: Philippe T

2021년 6월 17일

The course was good and the curriculum was well constructed. My only issues are with the clarity of some of the questions, which I sometimes felt was lacking. A diagram showing the schema of the database used in the course would make things a lot clearer. Also, the peer-grading process is a bit of a mess. Instructions on how to make the final submissions accessible to peers should be made clear. I only got it right because it is a common question in the discussion forum.

교육 기관: Christos V

2019년 12월 16일

I recommend the course in general. It has a combination of theoretical principles and hands on exercises in order to familiarize with the concepts behind the course.

On the other hand, I believe that instructions in order to perform and complete the exercises were not always clear which resulted in losing lots of time in order to try to decode what the actual expectations were.

But once again, a good course, giving insight in data wrangling and AB testing.

교육 기관: Gisella B

2020년 4월 17일

I had read comments about the instructors reviews that were distracting. But I actually liked a lot to see the construction of real queries in real team. However they were getting increaslingly complex and it was hard for me to keep up. You need a lot of practice on SQL before or during this course. Also, some of the instructions of the assignments were not clear at all. You can learn a lot with this course, but it will not be easy.

교육 기관: Lesego S

2021년 8월 27일

The practical aspect of this course is amazzzzzzing. I think the course is structured in a 'do-it-yourself' kind of style. The instructor does not spoon-feed, but as a student, you have to research the details of 80% of the material covered. It taught me how to understand data before working it, planning solutions before coding, thinking about what I am actually doing before doing it. The course is real.

교육 기관: Brian S

2021년 12월 8일

T​he instructor was great, the course was amazing. It is a difficult course where you learn how to think about data and not just learn SQL syntax.

M​y only complaint is the lack of help in the discussion forum, the instructor does not seem to be active at all in answering quesions.

교육 기관: asparuh s

2020년 6월 8일

The course is very interesting and with a lot of examples and hands-on exercises. The lector is clear and makes very good presentations. However I found it difficult that the tasks and exercises are not very clear and definitions are sometimes vague.

교육 기관: Okeefe N

2021년 9월 22일

Overall a really great course to get the analytical side of the brain going! Some of the weeks were a little too open-ended, though the activities were engaging and the solutions to the activities go above and beyond the basic solutions.

교육 기관: Melih A

2020년 8월 29일

It was a great course. It was challenging but I learned a lot. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn advanced level SQL. But I would recommend the teacher to add some clearer explanations for the assignments.

교육 기관: He H

2020년 5월 2일

The course was fine to refresh my SQL knowledge. The business cases are oriented on web analisis, which is new for me and I learned a lot of vocabulary and methos. Nothing super hard or challenging though.

교육 기관: Paul M

2020년 3월 1일

In the peer-review part of the final project, the lack of answers and the lack of any updates to this issue from the staff knocked this course down from what could have been a very good course experience.

교육 기관: Destinei S

2022년 2월 7일

I was able to get most of the concepts and the practice. The discussion forums weren't as helpful. Having students answer a box to continue to move on, doesn't help and makes it harder to find support.

교육 기관: Matthew P

2021년 11월 21일

The course lectures and reading materials were excellent; some of the assignments were a bit unclear in terms of the directions. Overall I'd recommend the course.

교육 기관: Christos G

2021년 10월 11일

The difference between the theoretical parts of the class and the exercises is insane!

But the things you learn are nice so worth it

교육 기관: louis j

2022년 5월 12일

This challenging course demonstrates the power of integrating SQL, creative thinking and analytics.

교육 기관: Rangga S P

2020년 6월 27일

the solution is not accurate enough with the real answer, it may cause some confusions

교육 기관: Luis A E E M

2021년 11월 9일

es un buen curso pero hubiera sido perfecto si estaría disponible en idioma español

교육 기관: Snorri B A

2021년 6월 12일

T​he course was very informative and useful. I learned a lot taking it.

교육 기관: Aditya U

2020년 7월 11일

Was a tough one, but eventually made through after several attempts

교육 기관: Chang

2021년 3월 4일

the discussion board and peer review system seem unstable.