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Learn the general concepts of data mining along with basic methodologies and applications. Then dive into one subfield in data mining: pattern discovery. Learn in-depth concepts, methods, and applications of pattern discovery in data mining. We will also introduce methods for pattern-based classification and some interesting applications of pattern discovery. This course provides you the opportunity to learn skills and content to practice and engage in scalable pattern discovery methods on massive transactional data, discuss pattern evaluation measures, and study methods for mining diverse kinds of patterns, sequential patterns, and sub-graph patterns....

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2020년 11월 16일

Very useful course. It enlightens my ways to data visualization. I knew some concepts, but in a disorganized way and not knowing how. This course fills these gaps. It is tremendously helpful.


2018년 4월 5일

Good course, very well structured and with interesting assignments. Some (especially first) lessons are more of a general culture but most are very helpful and allow to learn a lot of things.

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교육 기관: Zaid O

2019년 8월 12일

Thank you for this amazing course, the most enjoyable and amazing tool for this course is how encouraging me to find real life data repository and learn how to visualize it.

교육 기관: narumon t

2019년 7월 28일

I don't have knowledge of computer or programming but with this great instruction, I am able to challenge myself to learn new thing and finish the course. Thank you very much.

교육 기관: Dr A M S

2016년 12월 15일

One of the excellent courses I have ever studied. Professor style of teaching is very soft and simple, point to point and very clear. I have given 100 out 100 marks.

교육 기관: Russ B

2019년 12월 12일

Good conceptual introduction, plus some hands on assignments that will increase the chances that you continue to create visualizations of the data you work with.

교육 기관: Abhisek J

2016년 8월 10일

Excellent opportunity to understand Data Visualization. I loved the home work given in the course, very unique and creative. Lot's of scope to cultivate an idea.

교육 기관: Муравьев Л А

2021년 4월 7일

very good course, excellent selection of material and its balanced presentation. Interesting assignments for programming and assessment by fellow students

교육 기관: Abhishek S

2020년 3월 9일

This course provides me a good understanding of how to visualize data, how to display data, how to perceive data. Best knowledge for data visualization.

교육 기관: Alex S

2016년 11월 7일

This is a great course. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to better visualize your data for an audience, and how people perceive graphs.

교육 기관: S P R

2020년 4월 15일

It was a very enriching experience. Coursera is such a nice platform for learners.

Very good lectures. I am thankful for the team and the Instructor.

교육 기관: teddy m

2016년 6월 26일

It is an excellent course under data mining specialization. Going for it will be definitely a great investment in terms of education.

Teddy Muchape.

교육 기관: 胡鹏涛

2016년 10월 3일

A course that can benefit you in both professional fields and daily works.It suit for all since it doesn't focus on theory but application.

교육 기관: Abdel H D

2017년 6월 4일

It provides me with the base to transmit to the user the data analysis made in a visual way easy for them to understand and take decision.

교육 기관: Joyce

2019년 5월 27일

Really interesting. Even I have learned some visualization before, I still learned a lot from this class! Like network visualization.

교육 기관: Rachana P

2018년 4월 16일

The course looks at all aspects of Data visualization and how to make a visualization that is both informative and easy to interpret


2018년 12월 10일

Ce cours est plein de connaissances utiles et permet d'acquérir un background important en matière de visualisation de données

교육 기관: Minenhle N

2021년 1월 3일

The Data Visualization course was very insightful and the lecturers approach to the whole course was unique and easy to grasp.

교육 기관: Boris P

2017년 5월 19일

I learned very good tips and strategies so as to how to present my data effectively. I thinks is a very good starting point.

교육 기관: Melanie C

2016년 7월 3일

Very enjoyable class. I especially enjoyed interactions with other classmates. And I learned a lot about data visualization!

교육 기관: Than S L

2020년 7월 1일

This is a good course for data visualization starting from basic and more and more. I get many knowledges from this course.

교육 기관: Fernando M

2016년 8월 1일

Very good course ! interesting aproach from the human vision and cognitive system to the differents ways of displaying data

교육 기관: Dandan W

2016년 9월 2일

very interesting and useful information. A bit challenging for me to use the tools as I was not familiar with the software

교육 기관: Jose A E H

2016년 8월 12일

Carefully designed to provide an overview of data visualization concepts which are important for any data scientist.

교육 기관: Oussama B K

2020년 5월 17일

A light and consistent course that abords fundamentals and technical aspects of data visualization in a great way.

교육 기관: wei d

2016년 11월 7일

The visualization can give you a general overview of data visualization. It opens an door for the data processing.

교육 기관: Mario J R M

2019년 1월 5일

Excelent general concepts of data mining along with basic methodologies and applications, congratulations...¡¡¡