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Whether you are an advanced law student looking to review the basics, or an aspiring law student looking for head start, this course will help you build the foundation you will need to succeed in law school and beyond. This course will introduce you to terminology, concepts, and tools lawyers and legal academics use to make their arguments. It will help you follow these arguments—and make arguments of your own. This course consists of a series of short lectures and assignments. A reading list complements each lesson, providing you with a roadmap to help you explore the subject matter more deeply on your own. Although the lessons may cross-reference each other, they are modular in nature: you should feel free to approach them in whatever order fits your schedule, interests, and needs....

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2016년 3월 28일

I enjoyed this course but you really need to have some legal background to get the most out of it. The assignments were worth the time they took and I learned a lot trying to grade my fellow students.


2018년 10월 14일

The course is gorgeous!!! Although I am an experienced lawyer in my country it was an excellent training for my brains, more over, the lectures were really very interesting!!! Strongly recommended!!!

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A Law Student's Toolkit의 363개 리뷰 중 151~175

교육 기관: Foram S

2019년 11월 9일

It was very helpful and informational for a student embarking on the journey of law

교육 기관: Martin C

2020년 8월 13일

It's not about how to be a great lawyer, but how to develop a fist class mindset.

교육 기관: Brian F

2019년 2월 12일

For someone like me who wants to enter into politics this a great starting place.

교육 기관: Melissa E

2017년 4월 7일

I gave me useful tips on how the law works and how to get ready for law school.

교육 기관: Ahmet K Ç

2021년 8월 29일

A​mazing class by amazing professor learned a lot, thanks to everyone involved

교육 기관: Sarah K

2020년 5월 12일

had an amazing time learning more about the course I wud choose for university

교육 기관: Ülkü Ö

2017년 4월 23일

Thank you for this course! I have newly started it but it helped me very much!

교육 기관: Kieran S

2021년 4월 16일

Overall this course was a fun introduction to studying law in the US context.

교육 기관: eilrich c

2020년 5월 25일

Wonderful course......

Also include Cannon, uniform civil code and other laws

교육 기관: yara a

2019년 4월 30일

Thank you so much for giving exactly what I had missing in my legal studies

교육 기관: Anna v W

2017년 4월 16일

Very interesting and good course, thank you so much for the great lectures!

교육 기관: Poojan M

2019년 11월 9일

Excellent course, learnt many important things a law student should know.

교육 기관: Visvesh

2016년 6월 26일

A must for any person pursuing/intending to pursue formal legal education.

교육 기관: Ramprasad A

2021년 6월 6일

was brilliant and I am doing another course of his in American Contract 1

교육 기관: Amanda N H

2018년 1월 23일

Despite the heavy reading load, it totally pays off! I loved the course!!

교육 기관: Hinan J

2016년 11월 25일

I found this course a delight to work through, thank you for making this!

교육 기관: DALE A

2017년 9월 3일

Well equipped and excellently talented professor, and assisting staff.

교육 기관: Rafi G

2021년 6월 27일

Very interesting and and a great way to familiarize oneself with law


2020년 5월 26일

A very useful and an informative course to a beginner in law school.

교육 기관: Valentina I

2017년 7월 11일

not an easy course. but a great eye opening for future 1L students!

교육 기관: Jana N

2016년 7월 8일

This course delivered exactly what was promised in an engaging way.

교육 기관: Mehrab U H

2016년 1월 10일

This might be just the right tool to shine the mind to excellence !

교육 기관: Jessica B

2021년 11월 21일

Very interesting course and the professor has been so stimulating!

교육 기관: anoushka s

2020년 4월 23일

A full package of important lessons and a very great expectations.