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This course will provide you a foundational understanding of machine learning models (logistic regression, multilayer perceptrons, convolutional neural networks, natural language processing, etc.) as well as demonstrate how these models can solve complex problems in a variety of industries, from medical diagnostics to image recognition to text prediction. In addition, we have designed practice exercises that will give you hands-on experience implementing these data science models on data sets. These practice exercises will teach you how to implement machine learning algorithms with PyTorch, open source libraries used by leading tech companies in the machine learning field (e.g., Google, NVIDIA, CocaCola, eBay, Snapchat, Uber and many more)....

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Aug 05, 2020

I felt that I took the best descition in taking this course, because the professors took this course with atmost clarity and made even the difficult concepts understand easily.\n\nThank you Professors


May 26, 2020

It's really an amazing field to learn new things and from institute is like Amazing to me I've learnt more's not at all boring and we'll will be excited for future experience with you 💯

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Introduction to Machine Learning의 179개 리뷰 중 151~175

교육 기관: Jos� W A B C

Jul 28, 2020

To my mind, it would be more useful if it had more algorithms explanations

교육 기관: Yuktee G

May 28, 2020

It is very helpful for me to deal with all the levels of Machine Learning.

교육 기관: Frederic I

Jun 09, 2020

The teaching looks like sad. You should make it a bit more interesting.

교육 기관: Puja A D

Jun 21, 2020

It was very useful course.I got basic knowlege about Machine learning.

교육 기관: Rohan N

Apr 06, 2020

Extremely glad to have taken this course - my first one on Coursera!

교육 기관: Sarvesh K

Jun 08, 2020

Some of the topics were difficult to understand and to follow.

교육 기관: Hemalatha

Apr 11, 2020

I have developed my self by this

Machine learning

교육 기관: Venkata M R K

Jun 29, 2020

Good for beginners and many new concepts

교육 기관: Surya B

May 14, 2020

Machine learning gives a great knowledge

교육 기관: Rajeev V P

May 27, 2020

A good learning program for Beginers

교육 기관: Robin J

Jun 14, 2019

Good way to start ML journe

교육 기관: July L

Jun 17, 2020

Very Good and insightful!

교육 기관: Aniket R

Jun 05, 2020

got to learn a new thing.

교육 기관: Deepak K

May 27, 2020

good course for begineers

교육 기관: Yingchao M

Apr 11, 2020

Very good for beginners.

교육 기관: Chethan k

Apr 23, 2020

Interesting Course


Jul 08, 2020

Very useful .

교육 기관: kossouboly t a

Apr 23, 2020

good course

교육 기관: Aarti v

Apr 20, 2020

nice course

교육 기관: vinisha a

May 28, 2020

All good!!

교육 기관: MOHIT K S

Jul 21, 2020


교육 기관: RENUKA.K

Jul 06, 2020


교육 기관: Rasmus R

Apr 15, 2020

The practicals are not at all aligned with their introduction. Specifically, in 2B you're asked to perform something that hasn't been introduced, and 3B could really use some hints. Also, you have no way to ensure that you actually complete the practicals as intended.


Jul 16, 2020

The codes can be explained in videos rather than giving them in texts in the open lab. This can make coding even more understandable and applicable.

교육 기관: Mohammad Y J A A

May 24, 2020

The theory is well explained but you guys should update the coding parts to TensorFlow 2.