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Learn how to think the way mathematicians do – a powerful cognitive process developed over thousands of years. Mathematical thinking is not the same as doing mathematics – at least not as mathematics is typically presented in our school system. School math typically focuses on learning procedures to solve highly stereotyped problems. Professional mathematicians think a certain way to solve real problems, problems that can arise from the everyday world, or from science, or from within mathematics itself. The key to success in school math is to learn to think inside-the-box. In contrast, a key feature of mathematical thinking is thinking outside-the-box – a valuable ability in today’s world. This course helps to develop that crucial way of thinking....

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Nov 24, 2019

It was an amazing course! Lots of interesting content. The content is also explained really well, i found it really easy to understand. The assessments are a little challenging, but reasonably sized.


Mar 05, 2018

An awesome course. Very easy to follow at the start, becomes more challenging at the end. I have a PhD in economics yet I struggled with the real analysis at the end. And that's just intro level! :-D

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교육 기관: Javier G

Oct 25, 2019

Only the last unit was hard to understand, as I think it wasn´t well explained. I recommend this course.

교육 기관: Kirk S

Mar 30, 2019

Pretty awesome. I learned a lot. It wasn't easy, as this was mostly new material. Fascinating stuff.

교육 기관: Joseph A D

Mar 14, 2017

A very enjoyable introduction to proofs, number theory, and some real analysis.

교육 기관: Bennett

Apr 15, 2018

Good course. Have learned a lot along the way, more than only mathematics.

교육 기관: Mehmet S T

Jun 03, 2017

It was really nice... I hope there will be the second part of this course.

교육 기관: Michael A

Mar 16, 2017

Excellent course, introducing a difficult concept very well

교육 기관: NOVAL R

Dec 13, 2018

It's very mind blowing approach for studying math.

교육 기관: Anar

May 14, 2019

will update my review after finishing the course

교육 기관: yash g

Sep 04, 2017

A good course to strengthen the foundations.

교육 기관: C.Sundara p

Dec 21, 2017

i enjoyed and learned the course

교육 기관: Shubham S

Aug 11, 2017

I was expecting something more

교육 기관: Nishtha C

Jul 27, 2020

Unique approach. Commendable.

교육 기관: Mahmoud M K Z

Apr 05, 2020

cloud use more visual aid

교육 기관: Deleted A

Jul 21, 2017

Excellent Course

교육 기관: Nicholas K

Jun 08, 2019

Good course.

교육 기관: prakash s

Aug 28, 2018

nice course.

교육 기관: MOYILLA N K T

May 14, 2018

very good

교육 기관: Mitul D

Aug 03, 2019


교육 기관: thuonghien

Oct 08, 2018


교육 기관: Almaz

Dec 29, 2017

completely disagree with evaluation exercises as it allows to get >= 12 points for completely wrong solution. It's better to use [0,7] based system as used in IMO. it makes more sense and checks problem solving, not ability to bullshit

교육 기관: Digby D

Dec 12, 2017

A more mathematical approach to Formal Logic. Good alternative to Intro to Logic (also from Stanford) for STEM students if they don't like the format of Intro to Logic.

교육 기관: Zhenqin L

Dec 19, 2017


교육 기관: zjm2017

Mar 04, 2017


교육 기관: Yonatan G S

Jul 04, 2017

Tengo Problemas con la traducción al Español, me notificaron que este curso tenia subtitulo en español me voy a dar baja.

교육 기관: Aldo J M V

Dec 24, 2019

I disagree with the way the rubrics are designed. It should be called "think as I do"