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How do we make decisions as consumers? What do we pay attention to, and how do our initial responses predict our final choices? To what extent are these processes unconscious and cannot be reflected in overt reports? This course will provide you with an introduction to some of the most basic methods in the emerging fields of consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing. You will learn about the methods employed and what they mean. You will learn about the basic brain mechanisms in consumer choice, and how to stay updated on these topics. The course will give an overview of the current and future uses of neuroscience in business....

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2020년 6월 23일

This was truly a deep and research-oriented course. This helped me in getting ahead with so much knowledge and skills. Thank you, CBS for coming up with something so creative and innovative like this!


2020년 7월 15일

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. A total new dimension for me, as far as marketing in concerned. Very well organized and demonstrated by the Instructor. The reference will help me in further studies.

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An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing 의 719개 리뷰 중 201~225

교육 기관: Kayra C

2017년 8월 5일

Great! it was perfect for me. many really interesting videos and reading materials to fully understand what neuromarketing is all about.

교육 기관: Andrea B

2020년 9월 10일

Interesting and complete course; i really recommend to all the people that are interest to start to understand the Neuromarketing world.

교육 기관: Kjell G

2016년 11월 30일

I had just sent a very positive review. I like to add that the discussion on ethics and laws after the course was finished were great.

교육 기관: Froni H

2019년 3월 19일

Excelente curso para estudiantes que están empezando a incursionar en este tema. La explicación de todos los temas es bastante clara.

교육 기관: Hamid S

2017년 5월 28일

Thank you very much. A great course. Wish you would also provide a full specialization program related to Neuro Marketing Management.

교육 기관: Elena S

2020년 7월 16일

Than you for such a comprehensive and easy to understand course! Clearly gives you an idea what neuroscience and neuromarketing are.

교육 기관: Ana Q

2018년 3월 25일

It was a very interesting course, where I learned a lot of new things and I still want to learn more about it. Thank You very much!!

교육 기관: Roberto G

2022년 4월 19일

Excelente curso!!!

apremder en la forma correcta ccomo el neuromarketing se apodera de la toma de desicion de compra del consumidor.

교육 기관: Supratim B

2019년 3월 9일

A very good course! The study materials provided were excellent. Recommended if you want to have an introduction to neuromarketing.

교육 기관: Ashish K

2018년 4월 7일

This is a brilliant course for the beginners. Gives a lot of insights and the best part is, you can complete it in just five weeks.

교육 기관: Elena G Á

2017년 6월 27일

Highly recommended. Very interesting and enjoyable. You would get the basic notions about neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience

교육 기관: Daniel M

2021년 6월 9일

T​his is an incredible course, full of knowledge and the professor is a really nice teacher, he domains perfectly all the topics.

교육 기관: Laura R G

2020년 8월 26일

The selection of the reading material is excellent and so are the videos, I just wish the couse were updated with newer material.

교육 기관: sara f

2020년 6월 26일

Very good course. I found it very intersting and stimulating thanks to all the practice example it gives to understand the topic.

교육 기관: Fahd Y

2019년 2월 9일

Best intro course there is to this very niche, but powerful field on neuromarketing

-Sincerely a cognitive neuroscience researcher

교육 기관: shubham d

2022년 3월 21일

I would highly recommend this course to every Brand marketer, Digital marketer and all the consumer/customer interfacing folks .

교육 기관: Sunanda B

2020년 1월 9일

Very well explained. The reading material is absolutely insightful. Interviews make it best bridge from books to the real world.

교육 기관: Eric Q

2020년 6월 8일

i learned everything i expected and more. this is a new field for me so i am very satisfied with the amount i have learned here

교육 기관: Sabhyatha B

2020년 1월 17일

Loved the course. Thanks to all the Professors and Coursera for providing me this opportunity to learn and enhance my knowledge

교육 기관: Javier D

2017년 7월 12일

Muy claro y con material innovador. Además es una muestra actualizada y real sobre las Neurociencias y aplicación al Marketing.

교육 기관: Alfred L M

2022년 7월 5일

The course is a no-nonsense program that allows the participants to immerse in the extensive studies conducted on the subject.

교육 기관: Ana C P N

2022년 5월 19일

Excelente curso, las lecciones muy claras y las entrevistas maravillosas, todos los entrevistados con muchísima experiencia.

교육 기관: bidar c

2020년 9월 16일

une des meilleurs formations , il m'a ouvert les yeux sur plusieurs concepts avec une méthodes détaillée et bien expliquée .

교육 기관: Bronwyn

2020년 2월 26일

Really interesting course. A bit dated but overall a fantastic eye opener on how to look at consumer behaviour differently.

교육 기관: Andres A

2019년 2월 6일

Very good introduction to Neuromarketing. No buzz, just serious stuff. Key people appear along the course. Congrats Thomas!