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This is the third course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will explore how to map out a project in the second phase of the project life cycle: the project planning phase. You will examine the key components of a project plan, how to make accurate time estimates, and how to set milestones. Next, you will learn how to build and manage a budget and how the procurement processes work. Then, you will discover tools that can help you identify and manage different types of risk and how to use a risk management plan to communicate and resolve risks. Finally, you will explore how to draft and manage a communication plan and how to organize project documentation. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on approaches for accomplishing these tasks while showing you the best project management tools and resources for the job at hand. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Describe the components of the project planning phase and their significance. - Explain why milestones are important and how to set them. - Make accurate time estimates and describe techniques for acquiring them from team members. - Identify tools and best practices to build a project plan and risk management plan. - Describe how to estimate, track, and maintain a budget. - Explain the procurement process and identify key procurement documentation. - Draft a communication plan and explain how to manage it. - Explain why milestones are important and how to set them. - Explain why a project plan is necessary and what components it contains. - Make accurate time estimates and describe techniques for acquiring them from team members....

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2022년 1월 18일

This is a perfectly prepared course. the videos and activities were simply perfect. I learnt a great deal from this.

i would recommend it to anyone wanting in-depth knowledge of Project management.


2022년 7월 26일

It provides a good hands on experience in Project Planning using Spreadsheets developing Communication plan, Buget Plan, Project Schedule plans creating hyperlinks urls for easy access and much more!

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2021년 8월 29일

교육 기관: Fabio S

2021년 10월 31일

I think some of the documents and tools could be better learned if they were all constructed during the videos, just like what they did with the project plan. Many documents were taught only on documents and left margin for many information that were not detailed. For example, the "Decision Tree" was not shown or shared as a document. I also keep my constructive critic about having a final PDF document listing all the tools and templates in one place like a textbook to be used as future reference and help to study and consult. Maybe the parts of building a CV, professional profile, OKR´s and such, could be better places in the end of the whole certification instead of bits and pieces in each and every course. Great educational course, even though it can be improved.

교육 기관: Courtney D

2022년 4월 22일

This class was the most challenging so far. It was a lot of information to take in but there was also information that wasn't needed. For example, there is a whole section in Week 5 of the course that is optional and isn't needed unless you aren't up to date on your resume or profesional profile. There were also a lot of quizzes in the course which could be seen as testing for understanding but they got to be more of busy work. Overall, it did great to fill llmy portfolio with the documents that we created. I loved that aspect of the course (the hands-on nature). I like that I brought tangible things out of a course.

교육 기관: Jenifer A

2021년 9월 7일

This course is well done and I learned a lot! I have only a two negative points to comment, which are the extension of the course (it could be a bit shorter), and about the questions of last test of the 5th week, I found it a little discrepant with the course last week content. All in all, I congratulate the Google employees for effort and the beautiful job they made for us to learn. I appreciate the opportunitie and look forward to begin the 4th course. Thank you!

교육 기관: Abraham E

2022년 7월 6일

The last week on communication could have used more structure to it instead of the who what where apporach the\at kept changing up. You also might want to check some of your questions on the course as they have issues on how you phrase the answers or questions. An example was elements needed to "create" a communication plan but one of the answers was " reviewing it frequently" (not and exact quote) That to me would not be something you do in a "creation" phase.

교육 기관: Shelly W

2022년 8월 8일

Love the hands-on exercises. Would love it more if the course talks and teaches about building a portfolio of the exercises from the very beginning. I began building my library. But effectively organizing them to reflect the learning objectives of the courses is difficult. Maybe the Project Plan chart we just used can be the first thing. That way, we know to add to it each time we complete an exercise.


2021년 10월 15일

i am understan from this course mainy things like risk managment,project planing,effective communication and Best practices for building a communication plan so i learn and important expriance inside lead the projects.for instance in the launching the project and end of the project i understand how to communicate with the stackhoolders and clients and how to minimaise the risk in side the project team.

교육 기관: Christopher M G

2021년 6월 9일

Content was great, and very informative. Beware, though; some of your peer-reviewed projects will be marked down needlessly by unnecessarily competitive peers. Additionally, some of the test answers are beginning to only line up tangentially with the course material, and instead feel more like "guess what I'm thinking" questions.

교육 기관: Helen-Nellie A

2022년 4월 18일

The social media aspect of resume vs main resumes was not quite different and clear - I think we should show what should be in linkedin and what should be in the resume. Should the linkedin be exactly like the resume except with a few additions? Or should it be a summarized version of the resume.

Pls help with this

교육 기관: Abdulrahman A

2022년 2월 1일

The course was helpfully for me, I benefits a lot of things and technique such as how to conduct the project scope , project buduget and project risk planning and the technique that realeted to them.

I thank the teacher and her collegues for effort the spend to provide this very powerfull course.