Build an App in Android Studio using Activities

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Building Apps in Android Studio

Adjusting Android Manifest

Android App Activities

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In this project you will create an Android app that that uses four activities . You will begin with an Android Studio project that has an file (with nothing added to it) and an activity_main.xml file (with nothing added to it). You will create three new activities in this project, onTouch ( & activity_on_touch.xml), ReadReview ( & activity_read_review.xml), and WriteReview ( & activity_write_review.xml). You will have access to all of the relevant content (code and comments) needed for those files in text files so that you can copy and paste into the appropriate java and xml files in the project. You will make adjustments to the AndroidManifest.xml file in the project which will allow your app to switch between activities when instructed to do so by the actions of the user. Once we have created our activities, inserted all of the relevant code to our java and xml files, and updated our Manifest file, we will build an APK of your app. You will then upload the APK of the app to a website called where you will test the app. Projects in Series 1: 1. Build a Simple App in Android Studio with Java 2. Build a Persistent Storage App in Android Studio 3. Build a Linear Layout App in Android Studio 4. Build a Relative Layout App in Android Studio 5. Build a Table Layout App in Android Studio Projects in Series 2: 1. Build an App in Android Studio using Resources 2. Build an App in Android Studio using Static Files 3. Build an App in Android Studio using Read - Write 4. Build an App in Android Studio using onTouch 5. Build an App in Android Studio using Activities

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  • Android Studio
  • Android Development
  • Mobile Application Development

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  1. Introduction to Project and Rhyme Platform

  2. Create New Activities in Android Studio Project

  3. Update Activities (java & xml) with Appropriate Content

  4. Update Android Manifest for App with Multiple Activities

  5. Upload your App to and Test the App.

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