RESTful Microservices Performance Monitoring with Actuators

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Understand, Configure and Access Actuator Default and Detailed Health Endpoint, Info EndPoint, Metrics EndPoint

Exposing all the Actuator hidden endpoints and customising which endpoints to expose, changing actuator base url to custom url

Practical industry scenario for most relevant actuator Endpoints

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In this guided project you will be given a walkthrough of an Employee Management System application builded using Spring Boot Framework. Then you will configure actuators in this application for the purpose of monitoring various performance metrics of this application. Along the way you will also gain some deep understanding about a few actuators endpoints like Health endpoint, Info endpoint, Metrics endpoint and you will also learn about where these actuator endpoints are most useful in industrial and enterprise scenarios. By the end of this project, you will be able to configure various actuator endpoints in any given spring boot project and monitor various performance metrics.

개발할 기술

Performance MonitoringPractical Industry ScenariosActuatorsSpring Boot FrameworkSwagger UI

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  1. Getting Started.

  2. Code walkthrough of the provided Spring Boot Project.

  3. Functionality walkthrough of the provided Spring Boot Project

  4. Understand Actuator and its Health Endpoint

  5. Configure and access Actuator Info EndPoint

  6. Configure and access Actuators Metrics EndPoint

  7. Change Actuators base URL to custom URL

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