Use the IE Matrix to Analyze and Set Your Strategy

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Analyze the internal and external factors that impacts the performance of your organization

Compute and visualize the financial results of the divisions of your organization

Apply the analysis conducted with the framework to make strategic decisions for your organization

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By the end of this guided project, you will be able to formulate your corporate strategy with the Internal-External (IE) Matrix. The IE framework is a diagnostic and prescriptive tool for maximizing competitiveness, and effective resources allocation. The framework is used to compare the various divisions of an organization in terms of revenue and percentage profit with respect to IFE-EFE matrix. Also, there are three main regions on the IE matrix and they inform the strategy to be pursued given the analysis conducted. The project is for business leaders and strategists who want to make informed corporate strategic decisions. At the end of the project, you will be able to use the model to make effective strategic decisions

개발할 기술

  • Corporate strategy
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship

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  1. Explain the application of the IE Matrix in setting corporate strategy for your organization

  2. Compute the Internal Factor Evaluation matrix to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses

  3. Apply External Factor Evaluation matrix to find out your opportunities and threats

  4. Determine the internal and external score of the analyzed division of the organization

  5. Compute the revenue and profit of the divisions of your organization

  6. Tabulate the figure of the divisional internal and external factors with the framework

  7. Sketch the model to determine where each of the divisions falls on the cells

  8. Analyze the model and use it to make strategic decisions for your organization

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