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Want to make sense of the volumes of data you have collected? Need to incorporate data-driven decisions into your process? This course provides an overview of machine learning techniques to explore, analyze, and leverage data. You will be introduced to tools and algorithms you can use to create machine learning models that learn from data, and to scale those models up to big data problems. At the end of the course, you will be able to: • Design an approach to leverage data using the steps in the machine learning process. • Apply machine learning techniques to explore and prepare data for modeling. • Identify the type of machine learning problem in order to apply the appropriate set of techniques. • Construct models that learn from data using widely available open source tools. • Analyze big data problems using scalable machine learning algorithms on Spark. Software Requirements: Cloudera VM, KNIME, Spark...

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2020년 10월 24일

Excellent course. It teaches the basics with a great method and with practical exercises, involving real data. The sctructure is clear and it covers a good amount of topics. Well done San Diego!


2018년 7월 18일

Excellent course, I learned a lot about machine learning with big data, but most importantly I feel ready to take it into more complex level although I realized there is lots to learn.

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Machine Learning With Big Data의 488개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Anurag S

2018년 10월 4일

A very good introduction to fundamentals of machine learning from a practitioner's perspective, without going into mathematical details (there are many other courses for that). The focus was on using big data systems for performing ML tasks and it was introduced quite well.

교육 기관: Jhoan S T G

2020년 10월 21일

Un curso muy práctico, si se toma a conciencia cada conjunto de videos y lecturas se aprende bastante, realizar los laboratorios es fundamental para el aprendizaje. El curso está bien diseñado y tiene un carácter introductorio. No es un curso para estudiantes avanzados.

교육 기관: Ryan H

2017년 6월 13일

I was really happy to take this course after the last two had really disappointed me. The organization was a lot stronger which led to a better understanding. The hands-on problems were also very thorough. It was a great introduction to machine learning with big data.

교육 기관: David d

2018년 3월 31일

I would have like to seen how to compare models using KNIME. For example the hands on could have explored a number of classification models and then simplified this KNIME youtube video to demonstrate how to select the best model using ROC

교육 기관: Fernando G d L V

2017년 9월 14일

It's been a little difficult but I am happy, I will take a machine learning course with R. I used databricks for processing since my Mac it's old, databricks it's free and nice but I couldn't run the libraries matplotlib parallels plot.

교육 기관: carlos r m

2020년 11월 11일

Excelente!!! altamente recomendado, para quienes comienzan en el mundo del análisis de datos, ya que se hace un repaso exhaustivo de las herramientas que ofrece las matematicas y la estadistica en direccion de conseguir ese objetivo.

교육 기관: Gaurav D

2017년 7월 4일

This is really very useful course to start with machine learning which goes through all terminology and basic algorithms in detail with hands on. More information about Spark would have been little bit more useful.

교육 기관: Asif A

2020년 5월 29일

It was an interesting and very informative course. The course was well planned and tutors were brilliant. The course was useful from a practical point of view. Thanks, Coursera for proving such an amazing course.

교육 기관: JOSE F B H

2020년 6월 29일

Este curso presenta de manera clara los conceptos introductorios necesarios para realiza el " Machine Learning", las palabras finales de la tutora son un gran ejemplo y una metodología a seguir. Excellent course

교육 기관: CAMILO A D L C A

2020년 4월 9일

The instructores were great. Extremely clear and detailed. I really learned a lot and would recommend this course to everyone wanting to have a general overview of machine learning for data analysis. Great job.

교육 기관: loveneet k

2018년 7월 27일

very good overview of machine learning. Hands on exercises gives a solid platform to explore the real problems. Realize that ML is all about experiments doing , no theory. More u get ur hands dirty more u learn

교육 기관: Asmaa A A I

2020년 8월 7일

this course is amazing and its one of the most interesting and informative one in this specialization i really enjoyed it and the instructor is great and illustrates everything in a very simple and clear way

교육 기관: Othmane B

2016년 12월 29일

I really enjoyed the course since it's match with my patience and work, in addition I'd like to highlight the instructor, clear,organized idea and steps, this was 70% of the success of the course I believe.


2020년 1월 28일

I highly recommend this course. Well explained, simple but complete enough to capture the basics of machine learning applied to big data analysis. It also has a good balance between theory and practice.

교육 기관: Juan C A G

2020년 10월 24일

Excellent course. It teaches the basics with a great method and with practical exercises, involving real data. The sctructure is clear and it covers a good amount of topics. Well done San Diego!


2020년 5월 5일

Very interesting and well planned to cover the expectations of the first level course to motivate the student to continue in this conceptual and application framework in the BigData scenario.

교육 기관: Piero T

2017년 1월 8일

The course was the best introduction I had for machine learning. Helped me a lot to understand different concepts from people who already know about the subject and I didn't have any idea.

교육 기관: Andres F S

2020년 12월 15일

Buen curso, le exige bastante al estudiante, sin embargo hay pasos en los cuales se debe investigar fuera del curso para poder completar las tareas en los software. Sin embargo muy bueno

교육 기관: Rony K D

2020년 7월 31일

I am so much pleased with this course. Very much convinced by the presentation, way of speech, and the script of the Instructor. I am so excited to learn more about Machine Learning.

교육 기관: Basil C

2020년 2월 16일

This has given me foundational knowledge in Machine Learning for someone who is not a practitioner. Thank you Mai Nguyen for the excellent course presentation. Keep it up.

교육 기관: EDWARD A A F

2020년 6월 16일

Muy buen curso introductorio en Aprendizaje automático apoyado en pyspark. los vídeos fueron muy instructivos y la profesora que los presenta explica muy bien los temas.

교육 기관: Roberto G C

2018년 9월 1일

Amazing training on ML for people starting their first experiences with the topic. Practical and easy to understand examples that can be further extended by the student.

교육 기관: Jauhari K

2021년 6월 28일

Good content and delivery. Just make sure to follow instructions on cloudera VM config based on inputs in the forum. Hopefully the contents and tools will get updated.

교육 기관: Nikhil P

2019년 7월 3일

This course provides you starting point to start working in KNIME and helps you in explaining basic statistics concepts along with its application in KNIME and Spark

교육 기관: Cristobal M P

2022년 5월 24일

Very complete and structured. Topics are very interesting and the explanation techniques allow the user to undertand everything in a very confortable and easy way