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This class presents the fundamental probability and statistical concepts used in elementary data analysis. It will be taught at an introductory level for students with junior or senior college-level mathematical training including a working knowledge of calculus. A small amount of linear algebra and programming are useful for the class, but not required....

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Jun 05, 2017

I knew a lot about probability before starting this course, but I didn't know much of anything about frequentist statistics. This course helped me understand some tricky concepts.


Jan 12, 2016

Very concise, well-presented course. This was my second time taking it as a refresher. Prof. Caffo does a great job presenting the materials. However, prepare to be challenged.

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Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 1의 56개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Omar M B

Jan 29, 2017

For prospective students who are looking to enter the biostatistics/epidemiology field in the future. This course is designed as an in depth fundamentals of biostatistics where Professor Brain Caffo dives deep into some of the key formulas, origins of statistical formulas, and theoretical aspects of statistics.

Great lecture with valuable information, however, due to the lack of engagement within the lectures, it absolutely leave students who have no background of Calculus or Linear Algebra in the dust with no reference to assist them in the course. Once or if a student has a solid foundation for the topics covered in this course, this information is very insightful and understandable.

you might ask yourself, someone who doesn't have a prior knowledge of the material covered in the course if you should even take part in the course, my answer would still be yes, so long as you are willing take notes, save the videos, and return back to them at a later point once you build yourself up by studying calculus, statistics, and/or linear algebra.

교육 기관: Joseph L

Jun 15, 2018

This is a very worthful course to SUFFER! I'd like to say, no camp, no gain. In addition to the statistics with math, I experience how important of "hang on there and never give up"!I'm going to the camp 2 to see what's gonna happen.

교육 기관: Mengyu D

Feb 18, 2017


교육 기관: Mikolaj K

Jan 02, 2019

Very thorough introduction to statistics (Definitely more generic than just "bio"). Some of the homeworks are very mathematical, but the main body of work is understandable without too much of mathematical effort. Extremely well paced and self-contained which is a signature of the best coursers materials.

Good starting point for all scientist eager to truly understand the tools we all use. I'm looking now for a follow-up course from professor Brian.

교육 기관: Daniel L

Sep 08, 2018

Love the course, and its willingness to delve into the basics of the theory behind biostatistics. Wish there were more like it.

교육 기관: Vivek

Sep 09, 2018

Great course, excellent homework/quizzes and comparatively rigorous treatment by a great Prof.

교육 기관: Eva P

Nov 02, 2017

Very advanced, I liked instructor, the way he explained, very understandable!

교육 기관: Adam L

Feb 10, 2017

Lectures are rigorous. Homework and Quiz problems are very helpful!

교육 기관: Francisco Q

Nov 16, 2015

It´s a very complete course, you need to know a littel bit of calculus.

교육 기관: Bizovi M

Dec 25, 2017

A very rare course which approaches introductory statistics rigorously. The stat courses I had at university introduced all these concepts without any justification, so I enjoyed the critical approach used here.

교육 기관: Julian R S

Nov 16, 2017

Great course which covers many aspects of statistics.

교육 기관: Hariz S

Feb 16, 2017

Good introduction

교육 기관: Blake T E

Apr 06, 2018

This course is phenomenally well developed with great curriculum and materials for building astrong base to enter into statistics with a strong base of knowledge.

교육 기관: Katarzyna M P

Dec 13, 2016

Nice course giving strong mathematical basis for statistics

교육 기관: Junzhi Y

Oct 20, 2015

Topics presented well for comprehension, good lecture quality.

These topics are covered in grad level statistics courses at certain universities.

교육 기관: 王彭越

Sep 18, 2017

very interesting and able to follow!

교육 기관: Lin H

Nov 05, 2015

great course

교육 기관: Nart B A

Jul 21, 2016

A perfect introduction to mathematical statistics.

교육 기관: Sai Y

Apr 08, 2018

Nice class!

교육 기관: Jeremy B

Jul 09, 2017

Great course, though a little difficult in parts, particularly the first week. Worth working through though for a better understanding of probability and statistics.

교육 기관: Haresh S B

Jun 02, 2018

A whirlwind tour of statistics. Questions are very tough. You have to rack your brains hard, to solve them. But well worth the effort.

교육 기관: Daniel H

Jun 05, 2017

I knew a lot about probability before starting this course, but I didn't know much of anything about frequentist statistics. This course helped me understand some tricky concepts.

교육 기관: In K P

Sep 25, 2017


교육 기관: Madhu S

Mar 28, 2018

I liked the course. Need good maths skills. Would prefer to have a review/HW after each lecture than at the end of each week.

교육 기관: Mihnea T

Jan 06, 2018

Great course, insuring the basics for statistical inference. Well thought explanations and a good examples. Does get a bit hard to follow with Lecture 14 (last one). Practice exercises and homework are great for applying the covered concepts. Pity there isn't much activity on the forum. Still, this course is a must if you want to have the stats ABC in order and move forward to other data science topics in full understanding of what's happening behind the scenes.