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INSEAD의 Blockchain Transformations of Financial Services 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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The current global financial system is riddled with inefficiencies, uneven developments, and bizarre contradictions. Blockchain technology has the potential to bring about profound changes to financial services. In this course, you will learn how blockchain technology will disrupt the core functions of the financial services industry, offering individuals and organizations alike real choices in how they create and manage value....
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교육 기관: srinivasen

Apr 06, 2020

Thanks, Don and Alex for an interesting course. Though (ahahahahah) I notice you both as techies shied away from the hard financial implications and momentum needed. For blockchain to become hard-wired into business boardrooms it needs to address the hard issues ITO, value creation of performance metrics namely ROI, ROE, ROEC, and value creation organisation-wide