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This is the last of the three courses part of the Globalization, Economic Growth and Stability Specialization.¨Business Opportunities and Risks in a Globalized World¨ is the the 3rd and final course of the ¨Globalization, Economic Growth and Stability¨ Specialization taught by IE Business School's Professor Gayle Allard. This course is designed to help an investor, businessperson or economist approach macroeconomic, institutional and international data and derive information from the indicators that point to the types of opportunities and risks that they present. Students will gain practice by handling the data of some of the largest economies in the world –the United States, Japan, the European Union, China and India—and “reading the story” of their economies from their data, yielding surprisingly profound conclusions about their present and future. The course is the third in a series for the specialization but it is also a stand-alone course for anyone who wants practice in practical macroeconomics. This course includes 4 modules, each one deep-diving into the macroeconomic circumstances that have been brought up in the recent history of four key regions: the USA, Japan, Europe, and China and India. Students will analyze the ways in which international economies relate with one another, the benefits of trade and migration and economic development and how it occurs, among other themes. Professor Allard takes overarching macroeconomic theory and turns it into a practical tool for those interested in the opportunities and risks of investment and doing business in each of the four regions covered....

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Business Opportunities and Risks in a Globalized Economy의 4개 리뷰 중 1~4

교육 기관: Rebecca W

Oct 28, 2018

I have really enjoyed these courses. The topic is so relevant to the news of the day. We need to make the time to understand what is going on so as not to be taken in by "fear mongering" or flashy headlines which only give part of the story.

교육 기관: Shubham S S

May 11, 2020

It is a good ,informative and detailed course.Very helpful to those interested in Economies of countries

교육 기관: Douglas M W

Apr 25, 2020

Very informative.

교육 기관: Emin Ə

May 04, 2020

Good course!