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This course is designed to help Scrum beginners review knowledge in order to prepare to take the Scrum Master Certification Exam. We will review several of the Scrum Methodologies and the Sprint process as well as complete several exercises and discussions. This is a standalone course, however we recommend completing the Scrum Master Certification specialization courses prior to beginning this one, as the methodologies and exercises within those courses are the foundations for this exam preparation course....

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Scrum Master Certification Exam Preparation의 5개 리뷰 중 1~5

교육 기관: Emin M

2022년 7월 7일

​great course. Thanks to all of you this good and very informative presentation.

교육 기관: Aleksey R

2022년 7월 19일

After taking the real exam I can say that the course only gives general understanding of the Scrum and do not provide details on the exam itself (e.g. case-questions)

교육 기관: Jean-Charles N

2022년 3월 8일

Many wrong / outdated statements for a training supposed to prepare you for an exam. Such as "Sprint review is timeboxed to 2 hours" slide, when the open exam states 4. just read the official 19-pages scrum guides: it is all packed in there, faster to absorb and more accurate vs. exam. Then of course you would need practicing, and this course does not bring that anyway.

교육 기관: Sanjay N

2022년 1월 28일


교육 기관: DelBec N

2022년 4월 2일

Needs to be free.