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HSK六级课程旨在通过学习HSK六级相关内容提高学习者的汉语水平,并帮助学习者在HSK六级考试中获得好成绩。 HSK六级慕课课程共12周,分为两个部分。 第一部分:汉语知识与技能课。侧重于教六级水平的汉语语言知识,训练表达技能,以HSK真题等为材料,由四位教师分别从听力、语法词汇、阅读和写作几个方面展开教学。学时共8周,每周有5个视频,每个视频的时长约10分钟。每次课后有若干练习题,每周有一次小考。 第二部分:HSK考试指导课。侧重于提高学习者适应HSK六级考试的能力,由上述四位教师分别围绕听力、阅读和写作三项考试展开教学。学时共4周,每周有五个视频,每个视频的时长约10分钟。每次课后有若干练习题,最后有一次模拟考试。 学习者完成全部课程并进行了考试,成绩(包括小考和模拟考试成绩)达到课程要求(60分及格)就可以具备得到本课程证书的基本条件。关于获得课程证书的其它要求请看Coursera的有关规定。...
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Chinese for HSK 6의 27개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Alberto P

2020년 9월 8일

You can really feel a difference between your chinese level before and after taking this course. If you passed HSK 5 and followed this course, it is not likely you will pass HSK 6 after it as the vocabulary you need to master is really a lot. However, this course gives you a very complete introduction to the HSK 6 exam, and it helps you getting familiar with the structure and requirements you will have to fulfill.

What I liked the most were the listening, reading and grammar classes, and especially the last weeks recaps about these things were very useful with a lot of examples taken from past exams, important tricks you can use and emphasis on the vocabulary. I also liked how the whole course was in Chinese, so it has been a long listening exercise from start to finish.

I liked less the writing section, the teacher sounded stiff and repeated the slides quite hurriedly and mechanically, and very few practical examples were given. It gives you a knowledge about how and what to write but you only actually do it twice.

I feel every week assignment could have included some vocabulary list to memorize and letting you use those words in a sentence, so to increase the amount of new words that you familiarize with and master after the course.

The main shortcoming with this course, in fact, is the fact that listening, reading and writing all require you to know a lot of new words to tackle them successfully, and they cannot be all included in the course due to time limitations. I would suggest to take this class after you started preparing for HSK 6 rather than starting it after HSK 5 like I did, because you can understand most of the content in it: reading and listening has been most of the time a work of guessing from the context rather than understanding the whole thing in its entirety, and also you need to have a solid grammar background. I would definitely recommend this course, it makes the HSK 6 exam less scary for sure :)

교육 기관: Keiko O

2021년 4월 25일

The best free course available online for HSK 6 exam. The volume of content is perfect and all the tips shared here are extremely useful for any advanced Mandarin learner! Strongly recommended :)

교육 기관: Fernando K W

2020년 11월 22일

Besides practicing grammar, vocab and listening, the course provides strategies to solve the HSK exam. Its a great chinese language course if you intend to learn more aspects that I mentioned =)

교육 기관: Benjamin S

2021년 8월 5일

This is so hard, I don't think I can pass the actual HSK 6 exam. Luckily I won't attempt it now after trying this course and realizing where I stand lol.

교육 기관: RosalindCheetham

2020년 6월 15일

Very well taught - interesting and informative videos and teachers, and useful exercises.

교육 기관: LIM K H

2021년 2월 18일


교육 기관: Fonthip C

2020년 9월 2일

This course drives my chinese skill up unbelievably fast. 老师们也认真地教书。

교육 기관: Iakovleva T

2020년 4월 24일




교육 기관: Hanaa H

2021년 7월 2일

v​ery helpful thank you for all doctor ,and coursera

교육 기관: Thanitsara P

2021년 4월 19일

Best opportunity to improve Chinese skills online!

교육 기관: Albert C

2020년 4월 10일

谢谢教课!非常感谢!Thank you for the class! It is helpful!

교육 기관: Sandra C

2020년 7월 13일

Thank you for a wonderful course.

교육 기관: Bruna W C J

2020년 8월 2일

Very good course, but not easy

교육 기관: Rujikarn P

2020년 7월 16일


교육 기관: Zilong Y

2020년 12월 10일

Useful lesson, recommend!

교육 기관: Sew M

2021년 8월 19일


교육 기관: Patcharawarang P

2020년 9월 26일


교육 기관: Badamkhand D

2021년 8월 28일


교육 기관: Robi

2020년 3월 12일

very great course

교육 기관: Лиза Г

2020년 12월 7일

Amazing course!

교육 기관: Tao G D L

2021년 2월 20일

good, useful

교육 기관: Oleinikova J

2020년 12월 17일


교육 기관: Tin Z P

2020년 7월 2일


교육 기관: 春玲

2021년 9월 8일

Thank you

교육 기관: Vu M H

2021년 10월 20일