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Game TheoryBackward InductionBayesian GameProblem Solving

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지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

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완료하는 데 약 20시간 필요

권장: 5 hours/week...


자막: 영어

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Week 1: Introduction and Overview

Introduction, overview, uses of game theory, some applications and examples, and formal definitions of: the normal form, payoffs, strategies, pure strategy Nash equilibrium, dominant strategies...
11 videos (Total 80 min), 2 readings, 2 quizzes
11개의 동영상
1-1 Game Theory Intro - TCP Backoff 11m
1-2 Self-Interested Agents and Utility Theory 3m
1-3 Defining Games 10m
1-4 Examples of Games 5m
1-5 Nash Equilibrium Intro 4m
1-6 Strategic Reasoning 10m
1-7 Best Response and Nash Equilibrium 2m
1-8 Nash Equilibrium of Example Games 6m
1-9 Dominant Strategies 7m
1-10 Pareto Optimality 8m
2개의 읽기 자료
A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory10m
2개 연습문제
Problem Set 118m
In-Video Quizzes Week 114m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 2: Mixed-Strategy Nash Equilibrium

pure and mixed strategy Nash equilibria...
7 videos (Total 76 min), 2 quizzes
7개의 동영상
2-2 Mixed Strategies and Nash Equilibrium (II)14m
2-3 Computing Mixed Nash Equilibrium 11m
2-4 Hardness Beyond 2x2 Games - Basic 5m
2-4 Hardness Beyond 2x2 Games - Advanced 20m
2-5 Example: Mixed Strategy Nash 10m
2-6 Data: Professional Sports and Mixed Strategies 10m
2개 연습문제
Problem Set 210m
In-Video Quizzes Week 26m
완료하는 데 1시간 필요

Week 3: Alternate Solution Concepts

Iterative removal of strictly dominated strategies, minimax strategies and the minimax theorem for zero-sum game, correlated equilibria...
6 videos (Total 64 min), 2 quizzes
6개의 동영상
3-2 Strictly Dominated Strategies & Iterative Removal 19m
3-3 Dominated Strategies & Iterative Removal: An Application 9m
3-4 Maxmin Strategies 9m
3-4 Maxmin Strategies - Advanced16m
3-5 Correlated Equilibrium: Intuition 5m
2개 연습문제
Problem Set 310m
In-Video Quizzes Week 34m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 4: Extensive-Form Games

Perfect information games: trees, players assigned to nodes, payoffs, backward Induction, subgame perfect equilibrium, introduction to imperfect-information games, mixed versus behavioral strategies. ...
10 videos (Total 101 min), 2 quizzes
10개의 동영상
4-2 Formalizing Perfect Information Extensive Form Games 6m
4-3 Perfect Information Extensive Form: Strategies, BR, NE 13m
4-4 Subgame Perfection 9m
4-5 Backward Induction 13m
4-6 Subgame Perfect Application: Ultimatum Bargaining17m
4-7 Imperfect Information Extensive Form: Poker 3m
4-8 Imperfect Information Extensive Form: Definition, Strategies 10m
4-9 Mixed and Behavioral Strategies 8m
4-10 Incomplete Information in the Extensive Form: Beyond Subgame Perfection 13m
2개 연습문제
Problem Set 412m
In-Video Quizzes Week 410m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 5: Repeated Games

Repeated prisoners dilemma, finite and infinite repeated games, limited-average versus future-discounted reward, folk theorems, stochastic games and learning. ...
7 videos (Total 87 min), 2 quizzes
7개의 동영상
5-2 Infinitely Repeated Games: Utility 6m
5-3 Stochastic Games 5m
5-4 Learning in Repeated Games 15m
5-5 Equilibria of Infinitely Repeated Games 28m
5-6 Discounted Repeated Games 13m
5-7 A Folk Theorem for Discounted Repeated Games 10m
2개 연습문제
In-Video Quizzes Week 56m
Problem Set 518m
완료하는 데 1시간 필요

Week 6: Bayesian Games

General definitions, ex ante/interim Bayesian Nash equilibrium. ...
6 videos (Total 53 min), 2 quizzes
6개의 동영상
6-2 Bayesian Games: First Definition 9m
6-2 Bayesian Games: First Defintion (yoav)8m
6-3 Bayesian Games: Second Definition 6m
6-4 Analyzing Bayesian Games 11m
6-5 Analyzing Bayesian Games: Another Example 10m
2개 연습문제
In-Video Quizzes Week 64m
Problem Set 614m
완료하는 데 1시간 필요

Week 7: Coalitional Games

Transferable utility cooperative games, Shapley value, Core, applications....
5 videos (Total 52 min), 2 quizzes
5개의 동영상
7-2 Coalitional Game Theory: Definitions 6m
7-3 The Shapley Value 16m
7-4 The Core 14m
7-5 Comparing the Core and Shapley value in an Example 10m
2개 연습문제
In-Video Quizzes Week 76m
Problem Set 718m
완료하는 데 20분 필요

Week 8: Final Exam

The description goes here...
1 quiz
1개 연습문제
Final Exam20m
428개의 리뷰Chevron Right


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대학: WYMay 17th 2017

Great ! Interesting and abound at the same time. Hope Professors will clarify the strategic utility function more clearly because it's hard for students with poor math basic(forget most><) right now!

대학: ASJan 27th 2019

Excellent course for beginners. Problem sets are very creative. No more further resources needed. I found this course specially useful if the purpose is to apply Game Theory in other disciplines.



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