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This course is meant to be an introduction to Java as a second language, if you are familiar with any computer programming language. It could be shell scripting, knowledge of older Java versions, JavaScript, etc. This course will allow you to quickly pick up the Java programming language. You will learn Java Object Orientation, and see the parallels with other programming paradigms. This is course 1 of a 3 course Specialization titled Java as a Second Language. It assumes that you know some programming and want to transfer that knowledge into learning Java. Lab exercises will be performed using your system and Java installation. The instructor will guide you through setting up and configuring your environment and working through the labs. Java can be installed on just about any type of computer, but the instructor will demonstrate the installation on a Windows system....

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Introduction to Java as a Second Language의 13개 리뷰 중 1~13

교육 기관: Frank N

2022년 3월 8일

Excellent! The pace of the instructor is great. Nice instruction skills!

교육 기관: Jovanny U

2020년 12월 20일

It is a great and simple introduction to Java

교육 기관: Ricardo G

2022년 2월 23일

Excellent !!! Tahnk you !!

GOD Bless you !!

교육 기관: Dudam P

2021년 2월 5일

wonderful learning experience with this...

교육 기관: RtiZtiC

2021년 1월 12일

provides great base for the new comers

교육 기관: SUJAL S

2021년 1월 6일

Thanks For This Course #COursera

교육 기관: Claudio M

2021년 10월 21일

excelente curso base de Java

교육 기관: PROJOTI G

2021년 2월 6일

best courses

교육 기관: Robert A

2021년 1월 1일

I do not think that the topics cover on this first part of the course is the ideal. I would prefer to start to translate the basics as the printf, scanf, if statments, switch, do, while, etc. And then add the specifict stuff java related and the non as basic topics.

교육 기관: Florin A G

2022년 1월 13일

nice history and introduction for beginners

교육 기관: Per E J

2020년 12월 10일

Not sure how much consideration the course actually take to you having knowledge in other languages

교육 기관: md s h

2021년 1월 13일

if the video of labs done by teacher would have been provided it would have been of great help.

교육 기관: Alexander B

2021년 7월 1일

N​o programming excercises, only a quiz after each lecture.... I don't understand it