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In this course learners are introduced to second or foreign language theories and practices for teaching and assessing listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Learners will also be introduced to basic studies in second language acquisition and their pedagogical implications. Teachers will be invited to recognize the importance of grounding their own teaching philosophy through an examination of purpose, content, and technique....
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2021년 6월 21일

Interesting courses! I am learning a lot. Thank you very much Coursera. I have just completed course 2 and been delivered a certificate but I just can't access my new course. What should I do, please?


2021년 12월 29일

I enjoyed taking this course. Even though I don't like the peer-grading system in general, within this course it makes sense. It is always interesting to hear other people's opinions and experiences.

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Teach English Now! Theories of Second Language Acquisition의 1,741개 리뷰 중 451~475

교육 기관: Kuljinder K

2017년 12월 12일

Awesome never thought that history of teaching approaches could be so interesting. It helped learn a lot of new aspects of teaching :)

교육 기관: 周诗卉

2016년 8월 11일

very detailed and instructive, I'll definitely apply those methods into my own class!Thanks for your efforts to make such good course!

교육 기관: Chopy A

2016년 8월 8일

Thanks for all teachers and Coursera staff really I appreciate your work & effort , I get many benefits information from this course .

교육 기관: Margarita C N V

2020년 11월 9일

Excelente curso, como siempre! Refresqué mis conceptos aprendidos con anterioridad y aprendí mas orígenes acerca de las metodologías.

교육 기관: Hee-Jung L 이

2020년 8월 12일

Thank you so much for your organized and elaborated lectures. I learned a lot about theories of language learning which I longed for.

교육 기관: Cerise A

2020년 3월 7일

In depth, informative, and a wonderful background to enable teachers to develop their own teaching philosophy, and teaching practice.

교육 기관: Anas T M

2019년 7월 13일

Really enjoyed learning in this course. It helped me develop a deeper understanding of the history of language teaching and learning.

교육 기관: Mariia P

2017년 10월 15일

I really LOVED this course! It was very easy to get the information and to do tests with special tasks. I'm greatful to ASU for this!


2019년 1월 22일

F A N T A S T I C ! Intereting, cativating, motivating, estimulating all in gerund. Very good explanations from Professor Dr.Shawn.

교육 기관: Mustafa M

2018년 1월 7일

very interesting and easy to be understood course, I gained a lot of information and ways if teaching during the time of studying it

교육 기관: Hajra J

2021년 10월 17일

It really helped me understanding the history of English Linguistic Theories. The videos and assignments were super understandable.

교육 기관: Aminah B

2020년 8월 1일

Fantastic course that will help you learn the differences between major language approaches throughout history. I highly recommend!

교육 기관: Lola C

2018년 2월 19일

A great course! They managed to present not too engaging information (useful, though) in a very engaging and memorable way!!!


교육 기관: Hassan R R

2018년 1월 18일

it was a really helpful course for me and I would recommend this course to all who want to be aware of how to teach their students.

교육 기관: Julieth

2016년 1월 17일

I have learned so many important and interesting things and I am only getting to the third week. I am very happy I enrolled here :)

교육 기관: Валуева В Г

2022년 2월 26일

i was given useful information in a very interesting and fun way and i really enjoyed taking the whole course, thank you very much

교육 기관: Hazel A C

2022년 2월 22일

I find this very helpful and entertaining at the same time. The lessons keep me interested and motivates me to continue studying.

교육 기관: Marion W

2022년 1월 20일

A thorough and interesting course reviewing the progression of techniques used to formally teach English over the past 100 years.

교육 기관: 艳舞贾

2021년 4월 10일

Thanks for this great course, the professors are so good at teaching and they really make this course fun to learn at. Thank you!

교육 기관: Jody T

2020년 11월 30일

I enjoyed learning the different language learning theories over the years. It helped to put the teaching of language in context.

교육 기관: Simone B R

2016년 11월 27일

What a great experience! I am in love with the course and so many knowledge! Thank you very much to all the teachers and mentors!

교육 기관: Tracy J

2016년 1월 6일

The team is wonderful at teaching how to teach English! Not a single minute of the course is boring or tiresome. Very motivating!

교육 기관: mai s

2021년 10월 9일

Hats off to Dr. Shane for being the greatest authentic material we have and for making all of these an easier path for everyone.

교육 기관: Rena G

2020년 11월 29일

I liked the course very very much. I adore dr. Shane. I laughed and was amazed a lot and learned a lot. Thank youuuuu DR. SHANE!

교육 기관: Sedat Ç

2020년 6월 22일

It has been a really rewarding course, I regret not getting it before. It has broadened my horizon on my teaching. Thanks a lot.