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Course을(를) 수강하는 학습자
  • Technical Solutions Engineers
  • Researchers
  • Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Technical Support Associates
Course을(를) 수강하는 학습자
  • Technical Solutions Engineers
  • Researchers
  • Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Technical Support Associates

100% 온라인

지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

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Phase Diagrams and Phase Equilibria

25개 동영상 (총 180분), 5 readings, 4 quizzes
25개의 동영상
1.2 One-Component Phase Diagrams and Gibbs Phase Rule11m
1.3 Regions of Two Phase Equilibrium8m
1.4 Additional One-Component Phase Diagrams3m
1.5 Binary Isomorphous Phase Diagrams8m
1.6 The Lever Rule9m
1.7 Phase Fractions6m
1.8 Equilibrium Cooling Curves7m
1.9 Equilibrium Isomorphous Diagrams6m
1.10 Analysis of a Phase Diagram5m
1.11 Deviations from Ideal Behavior10m
1.12 Eutectic Phase Diagram10m
1.13 Determination of Phase Boundaries7m
1.14 Eutectic Microstructure Development8m
1.15 Equilibrium Cooling of an Off-Eutectic Alloy7m
1.16 Equilibrium Cooling of an Off-Eutectic Alloy - Calculations6m
1.17 Microstructure Development in an Off-Eutectic Alloy6m
1.18 Invariant Reactions in Two Component Systems6m
1.19 Peritectic Phase Diagrams9m
1.20 Analysis of Complex Phase Diagrams12m
1.21 Monotectic Phase Diagrams5m
1.22 Phase Separation and Critical Points6m
1.23 Solid State Reactions11m
1.24 Summary of Invariant Reactions in Two-Component Systems2m
1.25 Summary1m
5개의 읽기 자료
Learning Outcomes10m
Consent Form10m
Get More from Georgia Tech10m
Supplemental Materials for this Module10m
Earn a Georgia Tech Badge and CEUs10m
4개 연습문제
Quiz 1.1 (Lessons 1.1 - 1.8)20m
Quiz 1.2 (Lessons 1.9 - 1.12)20m
Quiz 1.3 (Lessons 1.13 - 1.17)20m
Quiz 1.4 (Lessons 1.18 - 1.24)20m
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Kinetics of Structural Transformations

33개 동영상 (총 226분), 3 readings, 3 quizzes
33개의 동영상
2.2 The Concept of a Driving Force6m
2.3 Homogeneous Nucleation6m
2.4 Undercooling and the Barrier to Homogeneous Nucleation4m
2.5 Random Clusters in the Liquid7m
2.6 Nucleation and Growth9m
2.7 Wetting5m
2.8 Heterogeneous Nucleation5m
2.9 Heterogeneous Nucleation - Spherical Cap Approximation7m
2.10 Heterogeneous Nucleation - Sodium Acetate Demonstration2m
2.11 Heterogeneous Nucleation - Applications4m
2.12 Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Nucleation6m
2.13 Types of Interfaces12m
2.14 Johnson, Mehl, and Avrami (JMA) Equation7m
2.15A Calculations Using the JMA Equation Part 14m
2.15B Calculations Using the JMA Equation Part 24m
2.16 Application of the JMA Equation7m
2.17 Developing High Strength Alloys6m
2.18 The Iron-Carbon System7m
2.19 Diffusional/DiffusionlessTransformations6m
2.20 Heat Treating a Plain Carbon Eutectoid Steel2m
2.21 Formation of Pearlite in Eutectoid Steel9m
2.22 Formation of Bainite in a Eutectoid Steel5m
2.23 Formation of Martensite9m
2.24 Heat Treatments of Austenite Decomposition Products2m
2.25 Isothermal Transformation (IT) Diagrams for a Eutectoid Steel6m
2.26 Off-Eutectoid Isothermal Transformation (IT) Diagrams7m
2.27 4340 Isothermal Transformation (IT) Diagram5m
2.28 Continuous Transformation (CCT) Diagrams13m
2.29 Precipitation Hardening in Al-Cu Alloys9m
2.30 Nonequilibrium Solidification12m
2.31 Sintering8m
2.32 Summary3m
3개의 읽기 자료
Learning outcomes10m
Supplemental Materials for this Module10m
Where to go from here10m
3개 연습문제
Quiz 2.1 (Lessons 2.1 - 2.5)20m
Quiz 2.2 (Lessons 2.6 - 2.10)20m
Quiz 2.3 (Lessons 2.11 - 2.15)20m
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Material Processing의 최상위 리뷰

대학: DUOct 30th 2016

Very informative and descriptive course. It encourages a person to do self calculations. Lecture and the material available are all very well explained. Would love to take similar courses.

대학: ABApr 25th 2018

I enjoyed this courese. It is going to be very usefull for me to carryon my research work. Thanku Coursera and JTU



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Regents' Professor
School of Materials Science and Engineering

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