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This course offers you advanced knowledge within the field of photovoltaic system technology. We'll learn about the solar resource and how photovoltaic energy conversion is used to produce electric power. From this fundamental starting point we'll cover the design and fabrication of different solar cell and module technologies, the various photovoltaic system components, how to design a photovoltaic plant and carry out energy yield simulations, essentials in energy economics, O&M and reliability assessment, as well as the role of photovoltaic energy in sustainable energy systems. This course is unique in that it takes you from the nanoscale physics of a solar cell to the modelling of a utility scale solar farm. The course is made up of 9 sections with an estimated workload of 2-3 hours each. The academic level is targeted at master students at technical universities and engineers from the energy industry. Passing this course offers you a great basis for a career in the field of photovoltaics....
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Photovoltaic Systems의 18개 리뷰 중 1~18

교육 기관: mehmety

2021년 4월 11일

This course was very detailed and informative that I learned so many new stuff related with the PV systems. The lecturers were qualifed and taught the course content very well. Thank you for all.

교육 기관: Pedro J R R

2021년 5월 7일

It is indeed a very interesting course, I took interesting knowledge out of it and I enjoyed most of it. The first teachers, specially Rasmus, are very clear and very easy to follow. But in the middle of the course there are some quite technical issues and the teacher was very difficult to understand (in addition to a monotous tone) that made me watch it several times to be able to answer the quizzes correctly... in adittion the subtitles do not help, because they seem to be generated automatically and very often misunderstand words (or directly indicates "inaudible"). There is for sure a script for the course, why don't you give the students the script directly, to avoid misunderstandings?

교육 기관: Mateo G A

2021년 9월 22일

Excellent course. Thank you to all lectures who taught throughout this course, as well as the learning material provided. I would like suggest that at the end of each module to have a section for practical exercises, because there were some numerical exercises in quizzes that were hard to solve.

교육 기관: Alex T

2022년 4월 19일

Rigorous and you will find that having a background in calculus / linear algebra and AP Physics equivalent will help a lot. Worth the trouble though and think they have fixed a few quirks of the autograder on on of the quizes.

교육 기관: Vedant K

2021년 9월 13일

This Course has offered me advanced knowledge within the field of photovoltaic technology. It also enabled to learn how photovoltaic energy is used to produce electric power and also the various PV loading Techniques.

교육 기관: Ashish P

2021년 5월 1일

The course is a must for anyone who is planning to enter the solar industry. It has a mixture of theoretical and practical information which helps students to understand the basics vividly. Highly recommended!!

교육 기관: Juan D P R

2021년 3월 21일

Excelente curso, Excelente forma de abordar los conceptos básicos y fundamentales que un ingeniero debe dominar para empezar a realizar proyectos relacionados con sistemas fotovoltaicos.

교육 기관: Erez L

2021년 4월 18일

Highly detailed and advance course on photovoltaic systems..great lactures and clear presenting...Thank You

교육 기관: Pushpa K A ( R - R A

2021년 6월 29일

It's great course. Learned interesting stuff little deeper in the subject. Thanks for the team.

교육 기관: Luis G J D

2021년 8월 11일

Accurately explained course on Photovoltaics. I'm very satisfied.

교육 기관: Diego A

2021년 10월 29일

Excelente curso, muy bien explicado y con contenido fundamental

교육 기관: MOHD N I B A H

2021년 10월 4일

its a good course and really recommended!

교육 기관: SYED S F 1

2021년 5월 9일

very good course understandable thank you

교육 기관: JHANN C R M

2021년 11월 29일

Love this course!

교육 기관: Do A T

2021년 9월 30일


교육 기관: Jonathan B

2021년 5월 15일

Good Course, Nice Deep Dive into all the systems/physics.

Partially very difficult to understand. (Week 5)

교육 기관: abdulwahab a

2021년 8월 27일

Well prepared course which covers everything about PV world from A-Z. Thank you!

교육 기관: René A G R

2021년 8월 30일

Buen curso, falta mas casos de dimensionamiento