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라이스 대학교의 Physics 101 - Rotational Motion and Gravitation 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course serves as an introduction to the physics of rotational motion and gravitation. Upon completion, learners will have an understanding of how mathematical laws and conservation principles describe the motions and interactions of objects all around us. They will gain experience in solving physics problems with tools such as graphical analysis, algebra, vector analysis, and calculus. The course is the third course in the Physics 101 specialization, which follows the typical progression of topics of a first-semester university physics course: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws, Energy, and Momentum. Each of the modules contains reading links to a free textbook, complete video lectures, conceptual quizzes, and a set of homework problems. Once the modules are completed, the course ends with an exam. This comprehensive course is similar in detail and rigor to those taught on-campus. It will thoroughly prepare learners for their upcoming introductory physics courses, or more advanced courses in physics....
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Physics 101 - Rotational Motion and Gravitation 의 2개 리뷰 중 1~2

교육 기관: Gabriel G

2021년 2월 2일

Excellent course, excellent professor. Looking forward for the follow up courses on more advanced physics, I fully enjoyed this review, even though I had a few issues with the automatic grading system, which in some cases was wrong. But all in all, an excellent course by an excellent professor.

Thank you Jason!

교육 기관: Marc B

2022년 3월 5일

Excellent lectures, stimulating HW and exam problems... but the forum is brain-dead, the staff completely absent and the grader will not accept the scientific notation.