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The past 15 years have been exciting ones in plant biology. Hundreds of plant genomes have been sequenced, RNA-seq has enabled transcriptome-wide expression profiling, and a proliferation of "-seq"-based methods has permitted protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions to be determined cheaply and in a high-throughput manner. These data sets in turn allow us to generate hypotheses at the click of a mouse. For instance, knowing where and when a gene is expressed can help us narrow down the phenotypic search space when we don't see a phenotype in a gene mutant under "normal" growth conditions. Coexpression analyses and association networks can provide high-quality candidate genes involved in a biological process of interest. Using Gene Ontology enrichment analysis and pathway visualization tools can help us make sense of our own 'omics experiments and answer the question "what processes/pathways are being perturbed in our mutant of interest?" Structure: each of the 6 week hands-on modules consists of a ~2 minute intro, a ~20 minute theory mini-lecture, a 1.5 hour hands-on lab, an optional ~20 minute lab discussion if experiencing difficulties with lab, and a ~2 minute summary. Tools covered: Module 1: GENOMIC DBs / PRECOMPUTED GENE TREES / PROTEIN TOOLS. Araport, TAIR, Gramene, EnsemblPlants Compara, PLAZA; SUBA4 and Cell eFP Browser, 1001 Genomes Browser Module 2: EXPRESSION TOOLS. eFP Browser / eFP-Seq Browser, Araport, Genevestigator, TravaDB, NCBI Genome Data Viewer for exploring RNA-seq data for many plant species other than Arabidopsis, MPSS database for small RNAs Module 3: COEXPRESSION TOOLS. ATTED II, Expression Angler, AraNet, AtCAST2 Module 4: PROMOTER ANALYSIS. Cistome, MEME, ePlant Module 5: GO ENRICHMENT ANALYSIS AND PATHWAY VIZUALIZATION. AgriGO, AmiGO, Classification SuperViewer, TAIR, g:profiler, AraCyc, MapMan (optional: Plant Reactome) Module 6: NETWORK EXPLORATION. Arabidopsis Interactions Viewer 2, ePlant, TF2Network, Virtual Plant, GeneMANIA [Material updated in June 2019]...

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2020년 5월 5일

In- depth learning of the various tools and softwares available to study plant bioinformatics. Guidance of the author through the labs is insightful and informative.


2019년 3월 9일

Very good course for mastering bioinformatics skills. Genetics and molecular biology students/professionals should take this course to augment their research skills.

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교육 기관: Ahmad H K

2020년 7월 5일

Overall the course is good. However, lecture should be more in detail.

교육 기관: QASIM R

2019년 3월 10일

Very good course for mastering bioinformatics skills. Genetics and molecular biology students/professionals should take this course to augment their research skills.

교육 기관: Fabrício d A S

2019년 11월 8일

Professor Provart is very good and the labs taught us in simple and direct instructions how to perform a wide range of analysis regarding Plant Bioinformatics.

교육 기관: Rubylyn M I

2020년 12월 9일

I really enjoyed the course. Got teary eyed after finishing the course. I really put my extra time in this course and I learned so much. Thank you

교육 기관: Nitisha N G

2021년 4월 16일

I found this course very interactive. From theory to practical, all aspects are explained very well. Questions in between the lab and their explanation at the end of the week help understand and retain the knowledge gained through the different platforms. Queries are answered in the discussion box. Suitable for anyone who may not have prior experience of bioinformatics tools.

교육 기관: Danny W

2019년 1월 30일

A really enjoyable and interesting course, well taught. I really enjoyed working through the lab practicals, getting hands on experience with many of the tools used for plant bioinformatics was a good learning exercise. I liked the course presenter too, he was clear and engaging!

교육 기관: Alvaro L

2019년 7월 4일

El curso es muy interesante y presenta un conjunto de herramientas que son realmente muy útiles a la hora de entender el contexto de las redes de regulación de casi cualquier gen vegetal. Lo recomiendo fuertementes para aquellos que hagan biología molecular vegetal!

교육 기관: Glenn N

2020년 2월 25일

An excellent class that introduced me to many relevant topics in Plant Bioinformatics. I can now use these skills to not only better understand current research but also apply them to data obtained in the lab where I volunteer.

교육 기관: DIANEY C C M

2020년 8월 3일

Great course!! I really liked most of the labs and the way the course is organized. Thank you very much to the professor N. Provart and to the University of Toronto

교육 기관: SHARON K

2020년 5월 6일

In- depth learning of the various tools and softwares available to study plant bioinformatics. Guidance of the author through the labs is insightful and informative.

교육 기관: Lerry D P S

2020년 5월 23일

I am new in this skills. I am excited because I completed this course. I have new experiences. Thank you. I recommend this course for learn plant bioinformatic.

교육 기관: Fer B

2021년 9월 20일

T​he course had very useful content, and the explanations and labs were excellent to understand how to perform the bioinformatics analysis yourself.

교육 기관: Hewan D

2020년 5월 20일

I am able to learn the different tools in transcritpom analysis. I become familair with the next generation sequencing technologies too.

교육 기관: Lucas A C

2020년 7월 31일

Offers very relevant, intuitive and necesary training for the usage of different bioinformatic tools for plant molecular biology.

교육 기관: Raghavendra G

2020년 7월 31일

Lectures were short, but very informative and the lab exercise helped to explore multiple bioinformatics tools and database.

교육 기관: Suhasini M

2021년 11월 2일


교육 기관: Syeda S W

2020년 11월 8일

This course is desingned very well. I have learned a lot about bioinformatic analysis of plants. I recommend this course.

교육 기관: KAVITHA.A

2020년 11월 3일

An informative course. I gathered practical knowledge about Plant bioinformatic tools and their applications.

교육 기관: Dr. D D

2020년 9월 27일

Very nice and informative course. I would love to interact with you personally and learn more.

교육 기관: sunila h

2020년 7월 13일

excellent resource for various plant based tools to be used in functional genomics studies

교육 기관: Jude C F

2021년 3월 31일

Thank you very much Dr. Provart for a wonderful lectures and lab experiments!

교육 기관: Danilo F S

2021년 2월 17일

Thanks to Plant Bionformatics I've learn many know-how in bioinformatics!

교육 기관: Fariha T

2020년 7월 2일

I have really enjoyed this course. Thank to sir Nicolas for his guide.

교육 기관: nida f a

2020년 7월 4일

a good course to get you familiar with important signalling pathways

교육 기관: Anushka B T

2020년 7월 6일

A great platform to learn bioinformatics with clear explanations