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This course will introduce the learner to information visualization basics, with a focus on reporting and charting using the matplotlib library. The course will start with a design and information literacy perspective, touching on what makes a good and bad visualization, and what statistical measures translate into in terms of visualizations. The second week will focus on the technology used to make visualizations in python, matplotlib, and introduce users to best practices when creating basic charts and how to realize design decisions in the framework. The third week will be a tutorial of functionality available in matplotlib, and demonstrate a variety of basic statistical charts helping learners to identify when a particular method is good for a particular problem. The course will end with a discussion of other forms of structuring and visualizing data. This course should be taken after Introduction to Data Science in Python and before the remainder of the Applied Data Science with Python courses: Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, and Applied Social Network Analysis in Python....

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2020년 6월 26일

its actually a good course as it starts from fundamentals of visualization to the data visualization,the assignments this course provide are exciting and full of knowledge that you learn in course ..


2020년 5월 13일

I am going for the specialization and I know this is just the second course in it and I haven't even seen the further courses yet, but this is already my most favourite course in the specialization.

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Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python의 999개 리뷰 중 776~800

교육 기관: Haotian H

2018년 3월 29일

Assignments are pretty good, but I would suggest extracting useful info from discussion forum to the assignment page. Sometime assignments really need to be clarified.

교육 기관: Árpád T

2018년 3월 28일

I enjoyed this course, but the assignments are taking way more time to finish than recommended as you need to search the web for the different functions and practices.

교육 기관: Fernando S

2020년 4월 20일

I think there should be more guidance regarding the use of the different modules. Explanations are general, short, and important details and explanations are omitted

교육 기관: Nishal

2019년 11월 13일

Some good pointers in matplotlib, covers quite a lot but goes over a range of features and tools that you can come back to.

Assignments were a bit simplistic/easy

교육 기관: Vinícius G

2017년 10월 23일

It is a good course to learn the basics of plotting and data representation using Python, but could use more depth. I recommend it if you need somewhere to start.

교육 기관: Rafael P

2020년 6월 14일

Some instructions need to be updated. I needed to go to the forums to get clarify the instructions of some of the assignments. Although, everything else is good.

교육 기관: IGNACIO, E (

2020년 7월 23일

It was a bit difficult at first but when you start the activities, you will get to understand more of they said in the lecture! Thank you peers and mentors!

교육 기관: Andrew K

2018년 5월 1일

This course taught me a lot about using matplotlib but I wish that there were more assignments so that I got experience creating a wider range of graphs.

교육 기관: Ben D

2017년 10월 19일

Good course, harder than I expected. I don't really like the peer review aspects but I think they are appropriate for these sort of graphical courses

교육 기관: Maxim K

2020년 4월 23일

Good all in all - nice material, videos and python notebook with tasks. Automated validation of data part of assignments would come handy as well.

교육 기관: Isabel O

2018년 2월 6일

Nice course content! Unfortunately the assignments require additional self-study that can become quite time consuming. Therefore one star less.

교육 기관: Lang Y

2017년 10월 22일

Could be improved. Show more detailed instructions on commonly used methods. Have to dig through documentations to find what i need to plot.

교육 기관: Vipul S

2018년 12월 27일

It makes you appreciate the design process involved in visualizations. The instructor introduces a wide variety of plots in an easy manner.

교육 기관: Laura L

2017년 3월 22일

I learned quite a lot about plotting, especially in Python. However, there was a bit too much theory (Cairos principles etc) for my taste.

교육 기관: Jens-Alrik A

2019년 12월 11일

The overall content of this course is superb but I just don't like the concept of peer-reviewed submissions. That's why I remove one star

교육 기관: Xiaoping L

2018년 12월 7일

The topics cover the basic usage of matplotlib, however, it lacks more details or this course can dig a little deeper into them.

교육 기관: Andreas V

2018년 7월 16일

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. One star less, because the time it takes is much longer than indicated.

교육 기관: Vritika M

2020년 10월 15일

Great course and wonderful assignments. The only suggestion I have is to change the instructor as he does not teach properly.

교육 기관: Haoyan Z

2020년 5월 8일

NIce class! Class 3 Interactivity is a little bit difficult. Hope class forum can have fater response and more discussion.

교육 기관: Duy V

2021년 7월 16일

Some instruction videos could be more detailed so that students can understand the subject and do the assignments better.

교육 기관: Kamil K

2017년 9월 9일

Very good, difficult assignments, but lecture videos are shallow and you have to study most of the material on your own.

교육 기관: Yufan Y

2019년 9월 28일

Learned a lot plotting technics in python and I hope the course could taught more detailed content on different packges

교육 기관: Felix H

2017년 11월 16일

This course will teach you a lot if you want to work in the data science / ML field ... and require a lot of your time.

교육 기관: Aditya R

2021년 3월 13일

An excellent course with lots of knowledge about innovative principles for plotting. Can get a little heavy to follow.

교육 기관: Siyang

2017년 4월 16일

pretty good touch on the fundamentals of charting using matplotlib~great course in the series as usual... thank you!