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This course is the first course in a series that aims to prepare you for a role working as a programmer. In this course, you will be introduced to the five main concepts in procedural programming: user input, console output, variable declaration and assignment, decision branching and iteration. Labs will allow you to apply the material in the lectures in simple computer programs designed to re-enforce the material in the lesson....

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2021년 6월 25일

this really helped me understand were i need to go further on


2022년 1월 21일

Wonderful courses worked on with many pratice programs

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Introduction to Python Scripting for DevOps의 18개 리뷰 중 1~18

교육 기관: Murad B

2021년 4월 20일

Thanks, for the content of the presentation but graded quizzes have questions with wrong answer, also there are questions related to Visual Basic.

교육 기관: Jagmohan N

2021년 7월 16일

Too basic - especially when the context is scripting for DevOps; Significant errors in quiz and assignments.

교육 기관: Dan T

2021년 9월 21일

I gave it two stars, since there is some redeeming value to the course, but overall, it's quite mediocre. There are typos throughout the course, plus many instances of code that wouldn't work within Python. In addition, there were two quizzes that were about Visual Basic, but since this is a Python course, they shouldn't have been in this course. There also were a few instances where the quizzes didn't give credit for the correct answers. Hopefully LearnQuest will fix all the issues, since then I think this could be a decent course. Until then, though, I'd stay away because there are far better Python courses out there than this one.

교육 기관: Sun G

2021년 11월 20일

P​erfect trip of learning this course. As of today, several confused concepts have been clarified in my mind. This course is precise and useful, and the instructor is fully experienced. With practices online, I have done as well.

교육 기관: Juan A R

2021년 6월 26일

this really helped me understand were i need to go further on

교육 기관: diviya d

2022년 1월 22일

Wonderful courses worked on with many pratice programs

교육 기관: zeid g

2021년 11월 5일

it's so good to learn from this course

교육 기관: Maikel

2022년 5월 18일

W​ell organised course

교육 기관: Dayal G

2021년 12월 5일

excellent course

교육 기관: Serhii P

2022년 5월 7일

Nice basics !

교육 기관: poorni k

2022년 1월 27일


교육 기관: Muhammed A D

2022년 2월 7일

It should have been more context related, I mean, this course contains nothing with DevOps. However the assignments are pretty challenging and beneficial.

교육 기관: anton b

2021년 7월 1일

to basic if you have ever done anything with python before.. also some of the quizes contain questions related to Visual Basic NOT python.. please Fix for the poor beginners trying to do this course. There are also errors in some of the answers in the quizes.. the incorrect answere is the one that is supposed to be correct. I have flagged this everytime I found an error like this, so I hope this gets fixed.

교육 기관: Sean

2021년 7월 17일

The course is Lazy.

교육 기관: Khaled e

2021년 12월 10일

t​he course has a good potential for its contents, but it really lacked in term of the horrible typos and mistakes in the course. this had severe impact on otherwise a good course.

imagine getting questions about C# or VBA in a pythonm quiz, even some answers are not proofread at all . questions are repeated and i wish the labs are more interactive

교육 기관: Charan R G

2021년 11월 17일

HI , I liked the course content but the program assignmets are crappy and it was frustrating to see my correct program get 0 marks in the assignemnt I had to cancel the subscription, I reported and thought it would be fixed. But, unfortunately obody answered my quesries.

교육 기관: Julen R C

2022년 3월 10일

extremely basic and superficial. It does not touch on topics such as test automation or operating system scripting.

교육 기관: Asim N

2022년 5월 5일

Assignments are always marked incorrect.