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This course lays the foundation of social media marketing. You’ll learn what social media marketing entails, including the history and the different social media channels that exist. You’ll learn how to select a social media channel that fits your needs, set goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Understand the landscape of traditional, digital, and social media marketing • Understand how to become certified as a Digital Marketing Associate • Understand the major social media platforms, how they function, and what role they play in marketing • Create SMART goals and identify KPIs • Define your target audience and their customer journey • Choose the right social media platforms and learn how to create social media policies Whatever level of knowledge you start with, this course will help you build a solid foundation for social media marketing and gain applicable skills that will allow you to make your social media marketing efforts more successful and noticeable. Learners don't need marketing experience, but should have basic internet navigation skills and be eager to participate and connect in social media. Learners must have a Facebook account and an Instagram account helps....

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2022년 6월 14일

Aku sangat puas dengan sistem materi, quiz hingga pratek pembelajaran yang sangat mendalam terkait digital marketing. sangat lengkap dan tentunya penyampaian belajarnya sangat seru dan mudah dipahami.


2021년 1월 16일

This course is amazing! It gives me a new perspective of using social media, makes me know the power of social media, and teach me how to use social media for marketing purpose.

Thank you Mrs. Anke

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교육 기관: Hrahul r

2021년 9월 16일

You may think that you already know about social media like me, but after doing this course I am missing a lot of things and I need to know that this course is enough to prove you Is. go ahead this is a very interesting course

교육 기관: Amalia d G

2021년 5월 10일

Buenas tardes,

El curso me ha parecido muy bien organizado. Se hace fluida la información entre módulos y está muy bien estructurado.

Estoy muy contenta con él y he aprendido mucho en esta primera parte.

Muchas gracias por todo,

교육 기관: Sonja H

2020년 12월 26일

I really enjoyed this class! It has a clear and organized approach and I love that we have peer-graded assignments they were helpful with learning. Much better than another online marketing course I'm taking at the same time.

교육 기관: Liz B

2020년 11월 3일

This gave great information that provided a solid foundation for understanding the basics of social media marketing and platforms. It was a good refresher for me, who has been doing social media marketing for a few years now.

교육 기관: Azihan A

2020년 12월 30일

It was a fantastic experience learning for this particular subject and using coursera platform. Not only the subject offered its great, the platform, the lecture and the community was such an amazing entity in this program!

교육 기관: Ma. R F

2020년 12월 24일

I truly appreciate the effort and time that Facebook and Coursera put up together to develop such a value-adding, comprehensive, and learner-friendly course. I am looking forward to the next courses. Thank you and stay safe.

교육 기관: Joseph V E

2021년 5월 26일

It is an Introduction, so expect it to cover the basics and lay the foundations for the long and more complex journey ahead, and it did well in doing just that. Very Engaging and makes you look forward for the next courses!

교육 기관: Valery A Q

2021년 9월 26일

Excelente curso, es muy práctico y te dan datos actualizados de lo que acontece en el marketing digital. Es una herramienta importante para todo aquel que busca emprender su negocio o aumentar sus posibilidades de trabajo.

교육 기관: Tomas G A

2020년 12월 20일

Por el tiempo que llevo realizando ya el curso, el cual es de 5 semanas... Me gustaría comentar que estoy sumamente satisfecho y que ha superado ampliamente mis expectativas, lo considero altamente recomendable y completo.

교육 기관: Zero F

2020년 12월 10일

A great way to open up yourself in the field of Digital Marketing, where you will learn the set ways to build and be ready for your business goals, with a very good mentor and discussion will help you hit & set your goals.

교육 기관: Andrea P

2020년 11월 9일

Great introduction course! Very clear and the examples provided were very practical, so it was easier to understand and learn about the key concepts anyone needs to take into account when starting a career in social media.

교육 기관: MARY E M

2020년 11월 2일

Very in-depth and helpful course. Anke, the instructor is really professional and passionate when teaching. I think it should be better if all the activities or projects should be put during the last week, not every week.

교육 기관: Armaghan A

2022년 5월 16일

I'm going to give this course five stars because this course is design by a marketing specialist. The course content is very clear and understandable. I appreciate the hard work of Miss Anke Audenaert & The Coursera Team.

교육 기관: Shapovalov A S

2021년 10월 19일

Спасибо большое! Этот курс позволил мне по новому взглянуть на социальные сети и то как с ними работать. Не даром говорят "Не сотвори себе кумира, но сотвори учителя" для меня этим учителем стал COURSERA. Спасибо большое!

교육 기관: Marlet S H

2021년 8월 16일

Excelente curso, muy completo, te enseña desde lo básico y te ayuda a tener una línea en el proceso de aprendizaje que te ayuda a comprender fácilmente los pasos que debes seguir para volverte un experto en social media.

교육 기관: Rhea M

2021년 6월 29일

The course is very instructional yet simple. I have no background in Marketing but the lessons are all relatable and give me a clear view of what social media marketing is. It is so helpful for me to start my new career.

교육 기관: La J H

2021년 6월 18일

Great course! I enjoy how they present the learning material in transcript and video. I also like how they give multiple attempts to take the quizzes over and the section that we need to review, when an answer is wrong.

교육 기관: Bruno F V H

2022년 5월 15일

This is a great introduction course for everything else that's coming in this specialization. Even if you're only able to take this course, it provides valuable information for you to become a good social media marketer

교육 기관: Edison C

2021년 2월 10일

Social Media Marketing will involve a journey to digital the world breaking the limits of standard marketing. If we get to this point, we will enjoy learning all about the new ways and strategies to grow up on business.

교육 기관: Feyza E

2022년 2월 10일

T​ahnk you very much for the opportunity and this helpful contents about social media marketing. It was a great adventure and chance to get all these information and I'm looking forward to learn more about the subject.

교육 기관: Ainhoa B

2022년 4월 15일

Creo que este primer curso es un poco innecesario si eres usuario de las redes de manera habitual. Esto lo entiendo para una persona de unos 50 que solo conoce Facebook, pero para alguien joven, realmente es aburrido.

교육 기관: Candice T

2021년 1월 20일

Very informative course. I enjoyed the videos and practical examples throughout the course. Lectures were presented in an enthusiastic way. Lots of practical advice and tips given. Real life examples provided as well.

교육 기관: Sabrina

2022년 8월 6일

Very fruitful course. I have been able to understand more about the Social Media and it's impact on the operation of a business.

I would definitely recommend to join the course. Now looking for another level of course

교육 기관: Ariel R

2022년 1월 16일

This course builds a solid foundation. They give important information that shows how to go about marketing on social media, as well as providing the tools and a step by step guide on how to complete necessary tasks.

교육 기관: Lamis C

2020년 11월 30일

The accessibility and digestability of this course helped me work around full-time employment! All of the information accounted was relevant and testing was fair and moderated. Can't wait to complete the next course!