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Sponsored by AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). Learn real-world PM lessons from Amazon, Intuit, Procter and Gamble, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, Google, Mint Mobile, Juicero, Twitter, Tesla, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Blue, Samson, Coffee Meets Bagel, Mixpanel, and more! Featuring: * NANCY WANG, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services; Founder and CEO, Advancing Women in Product * WAYNE DUSO, Vice President for Edge Computing, File Services, and Data Services, Amazon Web Services * ARUM KANG, Co-Founder & CEO, Coffee Meets Bagel * AMIR MOVAFAGHI, CEO, Mixpanel; former Global Head of Business of Operations, Twitter....

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2021년 4월 4일

I really enjoyed this course because it was a good balance between the lectures and assignments. Doing the assignments not only helped me increase my confidence but also helped me expand my thinking.


2020년 12월 2일

Fantastic course. I really enjoyed the interviews with industry experts. They were extremely insightful. The exercises and assignments were super useful and the templates made it easy to get started.

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교육 기관: Alexa L

2020년 12월 17일

I've really enjoyed taking this course. It's been a great jumpstart into Product Management. However, I'd like more information on the concepts we're learning. There are a handful of concepts and vocabulary that is introduced, but not defined clearly. They're defined more in terms of examples than actual definitions to reference when completing the assignments. This would help me and I'm sure others understand these principles better. Otherwise, this course has given me more confidence going down this career path.

교육 기관: Chaitanya P

2021년 3월 14일


I feel more confident and excited about Product management. Confident when I got to know that I will learn everything from scrum to agile etc and also where I found out while making customer personas and other tasks that it is not that difficult.


I would really like to have some notes or slides after every week because taking notes on Coursera is actually a tedious process and leads to loss of motivation, also, writing notes yourself in also makes it slower and excitement and motivation brushes off.

교육 기관: Kendra A

2022년 3월 13일

Suggesting to give instructions on how folks can copy /paste links to view-only documents in Google Suite when the Coursera Honor Code doesn't allow for copy/paste. I've given a suggestion in my last assignment because I was given a zero (0) because the peer reviewer didn't take the time to figure out how to copy/paste due to this issue. Also - I know it is time consuming, though given AWIP changed to AWIT it may be a good idea to rerecord or adjust videos to include the new branding.

교육 기관: Anastasia T

2021년 8월 18일

Great basic course. I really enjoyed doing exercises. What could be better: lector could speak more instead of reading the material and it could make a course more vivid. Also there is a bug with viewing assignments of other students: when they post a link it's not clicable and it's impossible to copy to put in a browser so it's impossible to open though and rate then. I've left few reports on it but I don't think somebody fixed it.

교육 기관: Rita G

2022년 4월 6일

This was a great course to consolidate learnings in a framework.

My only improvement feedback would be to better schematize the thoughts/discourse. For instance, a lot of times Nancy mentions point 1, and then talks about 1.1 and 1.2, two different streams related/contained in point 1. However, without reading the text that accompanies the videos, I wouldn't have noticed, because the cadence of speech did not reflect that.

교육 기관: Cynthia M

2022년 3월 29일

Interesting look into Product Management. As an older participant taking this online course, the challenge I ran into was not being able to find help on how to utilize google docs when completing assignments. Perhaps that could be added to the help documents for older participants who may not be familar. Other than that challenge, this course was very informative and the Instructor brought a lot of good insight.

교육 기관: Daman D

2020년 11월 11일

The course was pretty insightful and engaging. Thanks for being a great instructor, Nancy.

It would however be great if we could have a summary video/pdf at the end of each course which the applicants could use as a reference. For example we learnt about TAM, SAM & SOM and to be able to use it in our day to day lives, maybe a reference doc we could refer to would be great. Just a thought. Thanks.

교육 기관: Leonie A M

2020년 12월 27일

Great intro for newbies. I would have liked to see more tipps on how to make sure your crucial assumptions are reasonable and on how to identify the crucial assumptions that you make. Also, it would have been very good to see more of a full product journey from beginning to end -- which techniques do you use in which stage, what typically happens at a company, small or big, at each stage?

교육 기관: Ashley P

2022년 5월 17일

I currently work at a tech startup, so I've heard some of the terms used, but I think if I didn't have any tech background I would probably be a little confused. I've learned a lot and already see projects in my company where I can actually put what I've learned to use, which is fantastic considering that I've been through 1 part only and have no previous PM experience.

교육 기관: Barbara K

2021년 1월 26일

Strengths in this course are Nancy's knowledge, examples and interviews with other industry leaders on their PM path and what they look for in PM hires. I would have liked a bit more clarity, maybe in written form, on some of the definitions such as Customer Persona vs Market Segmentation to reduce my time spent researching these terms outside of the course

교육 기관: Tory G

2021년 1월 10일

Nancy did a thorough job of going through the fundamental responsibilities of Product Managers. I loved the ability to see one, do one, and review one! I am a hands-on learner and this certainly helped me learn the content Nancy was teaching. One suggestion is to review and edit the quiz multiple choice answers, not all of them are written clearly enough.

교육 기관: Laura M

2020년 10월 16일

This was a great course and I learned a lot, however the reliance on google docs for assignments and the inability to just copy and paste google doc urls for peer-reviews was frustrating. I think it would be better for all students to post assignments into the assignment text-area so that no one has to go back and forth between different websites.

교육 기관: Marta V

2022년 2월 22일

I really enjoyed this course. I find it covers a wide range of product management aspects, and the material is always relevant. The negatives for me would be - tech issues, like not being able to copy Google doc links to review your peers' work, or having to come up with products which actually takes a lot longer than I expected! Thanks, Nancy :)

교육 기관: prachi p

2021년 6월 24일

Very detailed, led by real life examples. Particularly loved the last part where there was one-on-one interview with product managers-turned-entrepreneurs. Also loved all the exercises as they forced us to think and create documents that would come handy when we actually work as product managers.

Would like to start the part 2 of this course soon!

교육 기관: Nuri T

2022년 3월 11일

This was a great expereince as someone who is in tech but not necessarily in the realm of PM. The ability to do this in a self-paced manner with real life examples/ utilizing the see one teach one do one approach was very helpful. Also hearing insights from current PM leaders was inspiring and offered encouragement to continue on this juourney .

교육 기관: Andrew D

2020년 11월 23일

Overall the content is there and I appreciate the pragmatic style of the course and real world examples. The videos need to edited though... they feel like a rough draft or they were rushed to get published. Not a show stopper, but it was annoying. It also heavily focuses on the tech industry; particularly in the bay area so be ready for that.

교육 기관: Neha A

2021년 6월 12일

This course has helped me know a lot more than I did. Honestly, there is a depth and good amount of work required to be done at each stage. I felt anxious as I felt like I needed more resources to go into the details. But it was very helpful and I cannot ne more thankful for the opportunity. It's great, thanks.

교육 기관: Stacey W L

2020년 9월 22일

I loved this class. It helped me learn a few new things but also remember the thing that I did not think were important, but really are. I had a hard time with some of the language syntax in the questions, but loved the class over all and really want to continue and expand my career in product!!!!

교육 기관: Zehra M

2020년 10월 1일

I've learned so many new things through this course that I was not really aware of. I felt confident as I completed each lesson and was excited to take on the next one. There were a few inconsistencies in the quizzes and some links were broken but the overall experience has been valuable!

교육 기관: Vera Y

2021년 1월 24일

I really like the written assignments. This helped me to apply what I learned in the course to a real-world project. I feel like some of the video contents are a little bit too simple and too introductory. I wish the instructor could provide some materials that go deep into the topics.

교육 기관: Gustavo C

2021년 4월 12일

The course is great, very well presented and the content is super relevant. My only pain was finding good in-depth examples to help with the assignments. For most of those, the example presented during class was somewhat superficial, whereas the necessary depth of the task was unclear.

교육 기관: Yashas P

2022년 1월 10일

Great introduction to the concepts behind product management.

The course is really hands-on with lots of opportunities to read, think, listen, research and write about the topics, our own unique ideas and case studies - in the content as well as in the assignments.

교육 기관: Bishal K B

2022년 6월 8일

The Course is just great and made me excited to explore this field more and get out there and solve people's problems. One suggestion I would like to provide is that it would be great if you could also provide course notes which will be great for the revision

교육 기관: Laura S

2021년 12월 15일

I enjoyed all the techniques, examples and interviews very much, getting old skills in line and learning new ones. I would have wished more context for each technique and I'm looking forward to gain that knowledge in the upcoming courses.

교육 기관: Iva B

2021년 5월 4일

The course is interesting and it gives a lot of insights from Google & AWS but what would be very helpful is some literature on topic to be shared as well as some topics are covered in 5-6 minutes videos and it doesnt give them justice.