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Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds is a five-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of the origins of birds. This course examines the anatomy, diversity, and evolution of theropod dinosaurs in relation to the origin of birds. Students explore various hypotheses for the origin of flight. Watch a preview of the course here:

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2018년 3월 14일

This course was great! It explains everything clearly, and it keeps you involved by asking questions about the material, and keeps you amused with some interesting anecdotes. Highly suggested by me!


2021년 1월 6일

I loved taking this course. I learned a lot (The first course I did was DINO 101 and I wanted to dig deeper). The teachers are really passionate and engaging. Cannot wait to do the others courses!

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Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds의 424개 리뷰 중 376~400

교육 기관: Dhiego C d S

2016년 2월 18일


교육 기관: Lucero M L

2022년 1월 3일


교육 기관: DD D

2020년 7월 23일


교육 기관: Amir B

2018년 9월 2일

Very good!

교육 기관: Heron A C

2021년 4월 29일


교육 기관: Juan F M S

2020년 6월 8일


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2019년 6월 4일


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2016년 6월 2일


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2019년 12월 15일


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2019년 4월 8일


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2017년 12월 30일


교육 기관: Namish L K

2022년 7월 3일


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2020년 8월 13일


교육 기관: Paula G

2017년 6월 22일


교육 기관: triorez25 T

2017년 4월 6일

love it

교육 기관: 이도경

2022년 6월 10일



2020년 7월 25일


교육 기관: Mona A A

2020년 6월 4일





교육 기관: wahaab A

2016년 11월 30일


교육 기관: Saindo d R

2021년 12월 24일


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2017년 4월 27일


교육 기관: Crystal B

2016년 12월 8일


교육 기관: Jakob G

2019년 7월 16일

This was a great course to grasp the relationship between theropods and birds, and also to follow the development of therapods and realize the big differences between these.

Having English as a second language, I'm quite used to getting around even in an academical context that is fully English. However, I had a hard time with all the anatomical references, especially bone parts that apparently are referenced in Latin rather than English. I had to give the course another round, carefully building my glossary as the course went on. I did this to have some kind of reference document during the course, and it actually worked fins, but if you ask me in a month or so I will probably have already forgot which one is a sternum and which one is the tibia :-)

교육 기관: Silver H

2022년 5월 24일

A​ really enjoyable class to go through if you're interested in evolution! However, I would certainly recommend studying up on paleontology and maybe ornithology as well before taking this class, as theres a lot of assumed knowledge that can bog you down if you don't already have it. I reccomend checking out the University of Alberta's Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology first, which is a longer course but contains a lot of information that'll help you through some of the stickier portions of this class.

교육 기관: João L d S

2020년 6월 22일

It is a good introductory course. Since I am pursuing a career in paleontology I found some little inconsistencies that are not great problems. But one bothers me: saying that Huxley said birds descended from dinosaurs. This is not true.

SWITEK, Brian. Thomas Henry Huxley and the reptile to bird transition. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, v. 343, n. 1, p. 251-263, 2010.