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다음 전문 분야의 4개 강좌 중 3번째 강좌:

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권장: 5 hours/week...


자막: 아랍어, 프랑스어, 베트남어, 영어, 슬로바키아어, 스페인어...

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This is the third course in the Learn English: Intermediate Grammar specialization. Learning English can be tricky, and in this class you'll focus on some of those tricky issues. You'll get clear explanations about the difficult grammar points and practice in using them correctly.

2 videos (Total 2 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz
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Meet the Instructors1m
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Nouns, Articles, and Quantifiers

This week, you'll learn about tricky nouns, articles, and quantifiers. When should you put "a" or "the" in front of a noun? When should you put nothing in front of the noun? In this module, you'll find the answers to these questions, and you'll get lots of practice to help you use nouns and articles correctly.

12 videos (Total 67 min), 13 readings, 5 quizzes
12개의 동영상
Count and Noncount Nouns Review Lecture5m
Count and Noncount Noun Mistakes Lecture9m
Articles Review Part 1 Lecture3m
Articles Review Part 2 Lecture4m
Articles Review Part 3 Lecture8m
Mistakes with Articles Part 1 Lecture6m
Mistakes with Articles Part 2 Lecture5m
Quantifiers Part 1 Lecture3m
Quantifiers Part 2 Lecture5m
Quantifiers Part 3 Lecture4m
Quantifiers Part 4 Lecture9m
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Lecture Objectives10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Count and Non-Count Nouns Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Articles Practice10m
Articles Resource10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Quantifiers Practice10m
4개 연습문제
Count and Non-Count Noun Practice Quiz8m
Articles Practice Quiz8m
Quantifiers Practice Quiz6m
Graded Quiz20m
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Gerunds, Infinitives, and Requests and Permission

This week will not be as intense as last week was, but you will still have the chance to learn about some tricky grammar. First, you'll learn about using gerunds and infinitives correctly. Then you'll learn about making requests and asking for permission, something that English learners often misuse.

4 videos (Total 22 min), 4 readings, 4 quizzes
4개의 동영상
Gerunds and Infinitives Part 1 Lecture3m
Gerunds and Infinitives Part 2 Lecture9m
Requests and Permission Lecture8m
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Lecture Objectives10m
Gerunds and Infinitives Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Requests and Permission Practice10m
3개 연습문제
Gerunds and Infinitives Practice Quiz8m
Requests and Permission Practice Quiz8m
Graded Quiz18m
완료하는 데 5시간 필요

Confusing Word Forms

You've learned about some tricky grammar, but there are other things that make English hard to learn. This week, you'll learn about some word forms that cause confusion. You'll soon understand the difference between some pairs of words that always seem tricky.

7 videos (Total 40 min), 8 readings, 6 quizzes
7개의 동영상
Confusing Pronouns Lecture8m
Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs Part 1 Lecture7m
Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs Part 2 Lecture6m
Confusing Nouns and Verbs Part 1 Lecture7m
Confusing Nouns and Verbs Part 2 Lecture3m
Confusing Prepositions Lecture6m
8개의 읽기 자료
Lecture Objectives10m
Confusing Pronouns Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Confusing Nouns and Verbs Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Confusing Prepositions Practice10m
5개 연습문제
Confusing Pronouns Practice Quiz6m
Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs Practice Quiz8m
Confusing Nouns and Verbs Practice Quiz8m
Confusing Prepositions Practice Quiz8m
Graded Quiz22m
완료하는 데 4시간 필요

Phrasal Verbs and Collocations

There are a few more tricky English points that we want you to learn. In the final week, you will learn about phrasal verbs and collocations. These are two big grammar points that often give language learners difficulty, but you will get lots of practice with them. Finally, you’ll have a review lesson of all of the tricky English grammar that you have learned in this course.

6 videos (Total 34 min), 7 readings, 5 quizzes
6개의 동영상
Phrasal Verbs Review Lecture7m
Problems with Phrasal Verbs Lecture9m
Collocations Review Lecture2m
Tricky Collocations Lecture7m
Tricky English Review6m
7개의 읽기 자료
Lecture Objectives10m
Phrasal Verbs Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Collocations Practice10m
Lecture Objectives10m
Tricky English Final Practice10m
Learn More!10m
4개 연습문제
Phrasal Verbs Practice Quiz8m
Collocations Practice Quiz6m
Tricky English Practice Quiz6m
Graded Quiz18m
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대학: NYSep 30th 2018

I found this course is very useful for me. I'd recommend for the learners who want to review or improve grammar. Thanks to all instructors from UC Irvine, They did very excellent job!

대학: SSOct 7th 2017

I am really pleased to be part of this course. So many new concepts to learn in a fun way.Highly recommended to all non-native speakers of English.



Tamy Chapman

Instructor, International Programs
University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education

Helen Nam

International Programs, UCI Extension

캘리포니아 대학교 어바인 캠퍼스 정보

Since 1965, the University of California, Irvine has combined the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an incomparable Southern California location. UCI’s unyielding commitment to rigorous academics, cutting-edge research, and leadership and character development makes the campus a driving force for innovation and discovery that serves our local, national and global communities in many ways....

Learn English: Intermediate Grammar 전문 분야 정보

This specialization covers common topics in intermediate grammar, such as perfect verb tenses and adjective clauses. It will also cover "tricky English" grammar topics that learners of English often find frustrating. The capstone will give you a chance to review all of the knowledge you've learned in the courses and create a multi-media "scrapbook" of grammar to keep with you after the specialization ends....
Learn English: Intermediate Grammar

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