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Wind resources for renewable energies, 에콜폴리테크니크

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About this Course

The main goal of this course is to get the necessary knowledge on atmospheric and fluid dynamics in order to quantify the wind resource of a local or regional area. We’ll learn about basic meteorology, the specific dynamics of turbulent boundary layers and some standard techniques to estimate wind resources regardless of the type of turbine used or the level of efficiency achieved. Then, we will see what are the turbines characteristics to consider in order to estimate the electricity production from an isolated turbine or from a turbine farm. The differences and similarity between wind or marine resource assessment will also be discussed. Finally, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with real in-situ data sets and apply what you have learned on wind resource assessment....
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대학: Lance Williams

Feb 25, 2019

This course was fantastic in that it was great getting your hands onto some actual data and applying the concepts.

However, many of the quizzes were very difficult and with having so many different combinations it was hard knowing where you were going wrong.

대학: matthieu irondelle

Jul 25, 2018

Very good course . The time spent to understand lectures and pass all exams was much more than the time advertised by the course.

대학: Walid Hussein

May 22, 2018

It's very important and useful course in the wind arena but some of the required quizzes some how difficult specially the last one,I spent much of time where I could've take more extra courses at the same time as I was planning.I feel I gained lots of knowledge out of it due to the constructive lectures.By the way I worked very hard for this course,as you can see I passed 7 required quizzes out of 8,and in the 8th one I solved 3 Q. out of 4 and obtained already 75% on it so I still have one and only one question to finish the whole course.but as I know from the previous info.this last quiz worth only 15% out of the whole course.Its important for me to get a certificate for this course to keep up with the next courses that I plan to take at your gracious institute.for extra info.I'm an american graduate from the university of Toledo.I also finished one year of my pr.graduate at Ecol e Polytechnique in France too.I will keep working For the last question as I did.But I hope from my hard works and grades I could be entitled for the certificate of this course.

대학: Cristina Crespo

Mar 28, 2018

I found this course very interesting to gain insight into the fundamental concepts of wind analysis and resource assessment. I would like to get into further detail in some of the parts overviewed, I think a project-based quiz for each section could be helpful - although maybe too much work. I would recommend this course to everyone interested in the wind energy sector.

대학: Umair Ali Syed

Mar 10, 2018

The course is very extensive and gives a very deep insight into wind energy assessment but sometimes the data for the quizzes is not that clear. For example, for the wind resource assessment project the data should be given in an excel file rather than a .txt file as it created a lot of problem in analyzing the data.

대학: Tamu Sutterwala

Feb 21, 2018

I wish the course wasn't concerned so much with the calculus, and focused more on the concepts. I regret paying for this course before going through week 2. Now I'm not interested at all in finishing it.


Jan 09, 2018

I have to say I learned a lot from this course, especially from the quizes after each section. Those quizes are not easy ones. They are challenging but rewarding.

대학: Kristina Francke

Sep 18, 2017

It's great course taught very well. I only wish we'd be allowed to take the quizzes for free as well, to be able to pass the course now and purchase it for the certificate later. Being a student it's financially hard times on anyone.

대학: Matthijs de Klerk

Aug 25, 2017

Quiz questions and answers are quite badly formulated.

대학: Bastin Jean

Jul 09, 2017

Un cours très agréable à suivre même si un léger background en mécanique des fluide est nécessaire pour pouvoir l'entamer sereinement. A la fin des quatre semaines des cours, mes connaissances en la matière se sont considérablement renforcées.