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In this project you will use the Modeling and Design Tool in MySQL Workbench to design and create a multiple-table relational database. As a DBMS (database management system), MySQL is used by many organizations for managing a variety of types and sizes of databases. MySQL Workbench acts as an integrated development environment allowing users to work with relational databases using a visual user interface rather than the command line. Hands-on activities include using the Modeling and Design Tool to draw a database design diagram, generating the database from that diagram, and then using MySQL Workbench features to load data into the database tables. You will also find an optional Challenge Task and an optional Capstone task for extra practice. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....

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교육 기관: priyanka b

2020년 7월 30일

i learned many things and this course was too benificial for me.

교육 기관: Alejandro H M

2020년 12월 25일

I love it!!!, Simple & understandable!


2020년 8월 21일


교육 기관: R A K

2020년 7월 30일


교육 기관: Hardy K

2020년 9월 16일

A small window for practice. Needs to improve that part. The course was constructive. Thank you, Judy.

교육 기관: Bastiest

2021년 10월 19일

Great course for MySQL beginners who want to automate the table creation

교육 기관: Anshuman B

2020년 8월 6일