Aije Egwaikhide

Senior Data Scientist


Aije Egwaikhide is a passionate Data Scientist who holds a degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Manitoba and a Post-grad diploma in Business Analytics from St. Lawrence College, Kingston. She is a current employee of IBM where she started as a Junior Data Scientist at the Global Business Services (GBS) in 2018. Her main role was making meaning out of data for their Oil and Gas clients through basic statistics and advanced Machine Learning algorithms. The highlight of her time in GBS was creating a customized end-to-end Machine learning and Statistics solution on optimizing operations in the Oil and Gas wells. She moved to the Cognitive Systems Group as a Senior Data Scientist where she will be providing the team with actionable insights using Data Science techniques and further improve processes through building machine learning solutions. She recently started at the IBM Development Skills Network group where she creates courses and content for online classes. When Aije is not behind her desk creating innovative solutions she uses her voice through social media to empower young women on dressing for success and directly/indirectly mentoring them on career paths in STEM field.