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This course discusses common foundational principles and practices used by agile methodologies, providing you with a flexible set of tools to use in your role (e.g. product owner, scrum master, project manager, team member) on an agile team. Learn agile and lean principles, including kanban and scrum, and use Jira Software Cloud as the tool to apply hands-on exercises in these topics. The course includes instruction on company-managed and team-managed Jira projects. After completing this course, you will have a strong foundational understanding of agile principles and practices and hands-on experience with Jira Software Cloud. Site administrators will be able to perform basic administration tasks. You will be able to continuously configure your Jira projects to match your team's custom agile methodology. Once completing this course, you will be prepared to earn your first Atlassian credential: *You can use a free Jira Software Cloud site to complete the hands-on labs associated with this course. This will require a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer....

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2019년 4월 14일

The Course is good and well structured. It has really strengthened my understanding about the use of Jira, I will recommend this course to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Agile and Jira


2021년 5월 23일

Indeed a great course which explains the agile methodology concepts from theory to practical implementation with JIRA. And it will definitely help learners if they are using JIRA in the organization.

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