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This course explores why climate change adaptation is important in the African context. Africa is considered one to be one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change. Historically, climate-related hazards such as drought, flooding, pest and disease outbreaks, coastal storms and heat waves have had devastating impacts on people and the environment in which they live. Often the damage knocks back progress that has been made in social and economic development, slowing down the achievement of development goals. Climate models suggest that many of these climatic hazards will intensify as the global climate warms. Building resilience to climate risks, through adaptation, is critically important for future development in Africa. The course will examine adaptation in theory and in practice, through a focus on four sectors that are critically important for climate resilient development in Africa: Water Security, Agriculture and Food Security, Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services and Resilient Cities....

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2020년 7월 6일

i learnt a lot from this course. not only do i know more about climate change impacts on the environment, but also how to mitigate risks related to climate change and how to adapt to those risks.


2018년 10월 30일

This was an amazing relevant course, now i can take action to climate adaptation in Africa having a clear understanding on how to choose and implement the best option suggested.

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Climate Adaptation in Africa의 33개 리뷰 중 26~33

교육 기관: Kleber L d S

2020년 1월 29일


교육 기관: IDRIS S

2020년 9월 10일

An explanatory and very interesting course for a beginner of climate study in africa.If you are a lazy student kindly stay off this course.

교육 기관: Vince M

2018년 12월 23일

A very informative and practical course especially for todays world where climate change is a reality in Africa and across the globe.

교육 기관: Nnanna U

2022년 2월 9일

i have gain an overwhelming knowledge on Climate Change Adaptation and would like to improve on the knowledge gained so far

교육 기관: Oliver S N

2019년 8월 30일

Mark New did an excellent job- would definitely recommend to anyone interested in geography or environmental studies.

교육 기관: David J H

2021년 11월 24일

T​hought provoking and plenty of good links for each module.

교육 기관: Amy T

2020년 6월 15일

I learned so much information!

교육 기관: Paulina H

2020년 8월 14일

I like the content, the presentation and the presenter are the problem. There is a more visually engaging way to present this material than just looking at the instructor sitting on a stool and talking. Thats why I dropped the course: boring presentation.