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Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory , 조지아공과대학교

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About this Course

This course will cover the mathematical theory and analysis of simple games without chance moves....

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대학: GY

Oct 28, 2016

I like it, but as a math undergraduate I wish we have gone through some of the exciting research trend in combinatorial game theory.

대학: HS

Jun 17, 2017

Gives a great Basic Overview with basic examples of the Game Theory. However i wouldn't consider it suitable for Professional Uses.

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대학: Eswarlal B Krishnamoorthy

May 06, 2019

Just loved it

대학: Philip Traldi Wysmierski

Oct 19, 2018

Interesting intro course, but I expected more theory during the lessons.

대학: luis juri

Mar 01, 2018

very interesting analysis of

대학: LittleStone

Jan 13, 2018

Nice course and nice lecturer, I have learnt a lot of new things of Combinatorial Game theory. Thank you.

대학: Rambo

Jan 08, 2018

The course is interesting, but many definitions are not clear enough for me. A bit frustrating.

대학: Hayatullahi Bolaji Adeyemo

Dec 07, 2017

Thank you

대학: Juan García Andrades

Nov 13, 2017


대학: Hongcheng Chen

Nov 11, 2017

forum is not well maintained

need a bit more mathematical proof, or some concepts/theorems can be confusing

extra problems don't have answers, prove periodicity of subtraction game seems hard and I can't find hints...

대학: Слынко Евгений Антонович

Oct 14, 2017


대학: Nickolas Farmakis

Oct 07, 2017

The course was very easy to follow and it gave me an excellent glimpse of combinatorial game theory. Thank you Professor Tom. However, I was expecting a more challenging level for a university course. I think that expectations were too low and on the quizzes there should have been less multiple choice, or at least more choices, more questions and a harder level. I do not think that as a 14 year old I should complete a 7 week university course in 3 days.