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竞争策略(中文版), 뮌헨대학교(LMU)

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About this Course

This is a Chinese version of Competitive Strategy. You can find the original course in English from our course catalog. 此版本是Coursera首次尝试推出的中文翻译版。课程视频为英文原版附中文字幕,课程页面和测验已译成中文,帮助中心提供中文支持。 在本课程(共六个模块)中,你将了解企业在战略决策相互依存的情况下如何行事。例如,你的行动会如何影响竞争对手的利润,反之亦然。我们将会借助博弈论的基本工具分析企业如何选择策略以获得竞争优势。...

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대학: PZ

Sep 07, 2015

It's a great course, which gives us a basic understanding of competative strategdy.

대학: MC

Nov 08, 2015

awesome!! the professor explained details very clearly. I have learned a lot

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대학: 罗兰

Feb 12, 2019


대학: Chris

Jan 10, 2019

so great!

대학: Nic

Nov 14, 2018


대학: WZ

Oct 19, 2018

Great course. Easy to understand and very practical.

대학: 林綠山

Sep 28, 2018


대학: XYTH

Jun 27, 2018

If the quiz and exam can be selected between chinese and english, it could be much better. Some questions in exams just get harder due to the inacurracy of translation into chinese.

대학: 庞晓琳

Jun 24, 2018


대학: Wengsway

May 21, 2018

The teacher's explanation is very logical, and the content of the course is full and of moderate difficulty. By studying this course, you can have a holistic understanding of competitive strategy analysis.Very grateful to the professor for bringing us such a good course

대학: 罗亚丽

May 03, 2018


대학: Karen

Apr 19, 2018

Thanks for your course!