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This course will teach you how to leverage the power of Python and artificial intelligence to create and test hypothesis. We'll start for the ground up, learning some basic Python for data science before diving into some of its richer applications to test our created hypothesis. We'll learn some of the most important libraries for exploratory data analysis (EDA) and machine learning such as Numpy, Pandas, and Sci-kit learn. After learning some of the theory (and math) behind linear regression, we'll go through and full pipeline of reading data, cleaning it, and applying a regression model to estimate the progression of diabetes. By the end of the course, you'll apply a classification model to predict the presence/absence of heart disease from a patient's health data....
필터링 기준:

Introduction to Data Science and scikit-learn in Python의 4개 리뷰 중 1~4

교육 기관: Raden R A A Z

2021년 11월 10일

meskipun agak eror dalam lab penugasan tapi alhamdulillah sudah bisa

교육 기관: JUAN J S T

2021년 8월 19일

Nice course

교육 기관: Andrei G

2021년 11월 28일

Good introduction. A bit too short for a 4-week course. The autograder is not very good, and some solutions are wrong.

교육 기관: Henry T

2021년 10월 28일

The Dictionary assignment in week 1 requiring 100% to pass has an obvious fault in the assessment process not allowing correct answers to be graded as correct