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The French Revolution was one of the most important upheavals in world history. This course examines its origins, course and outcomes. This course is designed for you to work through successfully on your own. However you will not be alone on this journey. Use the resources included in the course and take part in the suggested learning activities to get the most out of your learning. To successfully complete this course, it is recommended that you devote at least six hours to every module over the six weeks of the course. In that time you should watch the video lectures, reflect and respond to in-video pause points, and complete the quizzes. As part of the required reading for this course, during each week of this course you will have free access to a chapter of Peter McPhee's textbook, The French Revolution, which is also available for purchase as an e-book. View the MOOC promotional video here:

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2017년 8월 10일

Well-structured course that explores the topic with depth and clarity, taught by a brilliant and engaging professor. Would recommend to anyone interested in the French and world history


2016년 8월 16일

This was one of the best courses that I took at Coursera. The wide ranging knowledge of Professor McPhee is impressive. The course was well organized and well presented.

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The French Revolution의 75개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Silvana B

2016년 4월 19일

The course is very well prepared and structured, the information provided is clear and concise, Prof. McPhee's teaching style is very adequate to the MOOC approach. Highly recommended!

교육 기관: Deleted A

2019년 3월 13일

An amazingly organized series of lectures that had helped me to understand the French Revolution and inspire me to explore more information on this period of world history.

교육 기관: Luan S F L

2017년 3월 25일

Muito bom, conteúdo abrangente, professor qualificado, método instigante. Aproveite!

Very good, wide ranging content, qualified professor, instigating method. Enjoy!

교육 기관: Anna V

2016년 11월 25일

Great course! The materials were very interesting, the delivery was just excellent. I learned a lot about French Revolution, it's causes, process and outcomes.

교육 기관: Raphael N A

2019년 4월 14일

I really enjoyed professor McPhee's course and the amount of historical knowledge we are able to obtain from this course ! Clear, concise and interesting.

교육 기관: Anne A

2016년 8월 12일

Outstanding from beginning to end. Dr McPhee's knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, his subject are infectious. I have enjoyed every minute.

교육 기관: Pablo

2016년 7월 26일

Great MOOC, very well explained and focuses on the most important things with tons of art and quotes from the day and historians

교육 기관: Gaspard P

2017년 3월 3일

Great course, well structured and well explained. i am now waiting for another course from the same teacher (napoleonic wars ?)

교육 기관: Dara M

2018년 5월 19일

I found the course really interesting and informative. It helps understanding of how recent political systems evolved.

교육 기관: Juan M P

2018년 10월 17일

Incredible course! McPhee is simply an amazing teacher, and his book is very thorough, concise and easy to read.

교육 기관: Ritvik C

2016년 3월 30일

Prof McPhee will bring out the historian in u and make french revolution more an experience than a course for u

교육 기관: David D

2017년 6월 11일

Engaging. It is clear that the professor has a passion for the subject which makes all the difference.

교육 기관: Marius M

2017년 6월 5일

A very good course very pedagogic and summarizing so well this time of changes for the French history.

교육 기관: Jp C

2016년 8월 14일

Great class. Good pacing, topics wide ranging and approached from a variety of angles. Loved it!

교육 기관: Toni C

2018년 12월 15일

Enjoyed the easy approach of the instructor and the insights into the effects of the Revolution

교육 기관: Sepand M B

2016년 3월 14일

It is a fantastic course with thorough and detailed analysis of French Revolution! Thank you!

교육 기관: Donald K

2016년 3월 20일

Outstanding presentation of the events leading to the Revolution. Clearest I have seen yet.

교육 기관: David Y

2016년 10월 28일

Useful readings generously supplied by the professor. Very clear and interesting lectures.

교육 기관: Carlos M

2018년 1월 13일

El mas detallado curso, donde realmente se aprende por que surguió la revolución Francesa.

교육 기관: Thomas A

2019년 1월 24일

Easy to access, well documented and a pleasure to follow. Thanks :)

교육 기관: Steven P

2017년 8월 12일

Love. It. I will be on the lookout for more courses by McPhee.

교육 기관: Hugo E

2016년 8월 9일

Engaging lectures. I watched it as if it were a netflix series.

교육 기관: Diego C

2018년 2월 10일

Amazing introduction and very well explained and detailed.

교육 기관: Victoria A

2016년 4월 25일

Excellent course!! Lots to learn about, digest & ponder.

교육 기관: Robert G

2018년 10월 8일

Excellent course, interesting content & well presented