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Google 클라우드의 Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course introduces the Google Cloud big data and machine learning products and services that support the data-to-AI lifecycle. It explores the processes, challenges, and benefits of building a big data pipeline and machine learning models with Vertex AI on Google Cloud....

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2019년 3월 2일

Overall a good curated course to help understand the GCP offerings and high level architecture of how their offerings fit in the current landscape. Easy to follow along as this was fundamental course.


2021년 2월 10일

This course is an excellent introductory to Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers and Machine Learning enthusiasts. The labs are really thorough and give nice hands-on on the various GCP services.

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Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals의 2,491개 리뷰 중 276~300

교육 기관: Amit A

2020년 5월 6일

Thanks for this wonderful course that helped me explore the Google Cloud Platform's offerings to use it for Big Data analytics and machine learning.

교육 기관: Lucas O

2019년 12월 23일

Ótimo curso! Intuitivo, com exemplos que com os ajustes certos podem ser aplicados a situações reais, me ajudou bastante. Muito mais que o esperado!

교육 기관: Loai T

2017년 6월 20일

Well structured and easy to complete even with busy schedules. Good instructor and materials accompanied with intuitive quizzes and labs. Well done!

교육 기관: Erik

2020년 2월 7일

This course is incredibly helpful and gives you a basic understanding of gcp analytics capabilities , what to use and when to use one over another.

교육 기관: Ch'ree A H

2019년 7월 14일

I enjoyed this lab, but for users that are using an ipad should use the Dropbox or some other repository for the files that are needed to be saved.

교육 기관: Jesus C

2017년 4월 24일

Muy bueno, solo faltan los posibles errores a aparecer y como solucionarlos------pretty good, i could add the possibles issues and how to fix them.

교육 기관: lsamper

2017년 4월 20일

Great course. The instructor is really clear. The labs are well defined. I really enjoyed following this class. It is a good starting point to GCP.

교육 기관: Monish K

2019년 5월 13일

Learning was good, the course module enabled to have a real time hands on experience that helped to understand the fundamentals in the best manner

교육 기관: Sridhar N

2020년 4월 1일

this course helped to get well versed with the services and use cases helped me to practice these services on my own. Amazing learning experience

교육 기관: Miguel P

2019년 12월 15일

Great overview over GCP capabilities with a strong business oriented approach.

Relevant topics and challenges are covered !

I really enjoyed it !

교육 기관: Ryszard S

2020년 5월 18일

Great overview of environment, universe of options, possible use cases, accompanied by hand's on feeling and getting familiar with the frontend.

교육 기관: Arnaud B

2018년 9월 12일

Très bon cours pour démarrer avec les fondamentaux du Big Data sur la GCP. Simple à comprendre et mise en pratique avec des Qwiklabs de qualité.

교육 기관: Amey V

2020년 8월 12일

Amazing course to start with GCP and learn the fundamentals and navigate through bigquery, dataproc, dataflow, and many other ML related tools.

교육 기관: Tolu A

2019년 2월 6일

Interesting course provides quick overview of the google cloud platform. The timed labs are a good to get your hands dirty. Highly recommended.

교육 기관: MANVI G

2020년 4월 19일

Really an amazing concept to increase Efficiency and decrease Time for deliverables.Google Cloud Platform is amazing .Love working on it....

교육 기관: Sugita

2018년 10월 6일

It's a great course for beginners. The basics of cloud engineering gives a real life context of the need and way forward with Cloud Platform.

교육 기관: Patrick O

2021년 8월 7일

I love how you enlightened me on the various possibilities Google makes machine learning easier and more efficient. Thank you, I'm grateful.

교육 기관: Sneha M

2018년 8월 25일

I liked how we were taken step by step through the process... I wish they taught everything this way ... with some extra credits to practice

교육 기관: Ben H

2018년 1월 29일

Excellent introduction to GCP. Covers all the important components. Interactive Labs are well thought out and keep the course interesting.

교육 기관: Barclay

2017년 7월 21일

Slides were really well put together. I liked that they changed dynamically to show in greater detail what the instructor was talking about.

교육 기관: Aulia S

2021년 8월 12일

Very interesting and very useful for developing skills and abilities, especially in the fields of information, communication and technology

교육 기관: Big D I C

2020년 4월 8일

Sin duda un extraordinario curso para iniciar en la nube de GCP, Totalmente recomendado, los instructores tienen amplia experiencia en GCP.

교육 기관: Semiu A

2020년 4월 6일

This course is the best starting point for tech personnel (both new and existing software developer) who wish to migrate to AI development.

교육 기관: Shashank S

2019년 5월 5일

This is an Excellent course to step in into Google Cloud Data Engineer role. Looking forward to rest of the courses in this Specialization.

교육 기관: Angad S

2019년 4월 12일

I really enjoyed learning about the history, present and how it holds together. Labs were really good resource to see everything in action.