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다음 전문 분야의 6개 강좌 중 4번째 강좌:

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Leading Strategy with a Customer Perspective with Gregory Carpenter

In this module, we will explore the changes that the digital age has empowered consumers and the impact of that change on how firms create value for consumers and competitive advantage in the process. We will explore the strategy development process, the role of brands, and the the successful evolution of brands over time.

7 videos (Total 36 min), 3 readings, 1 quiz
7개의 동영상
The Digital Revolution6m
Why Marketing Is a Leadership Issue5m
Understanding Customers5m
Creating Valuable Brands5m
Brand Evolution: Pioneering Brands5m
Late Mover Advantage5m
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Meet Your Professors10m
Grading and Logistics10m
Optional Readings and Suggested Textbooks10m
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Creating a truly customer-focused culture to unleash growth with Gregory Carpenter and Sanjay Khosla

In this module, we will explore the concept of corporate culture and how you as a leader can help create a culture well suited for the digital age. We will explore the nature of culture, the values of successful firms, how firms adapt to change, empower individuals, and unleash growth.

6 videos (Total 35 min), 1 quiz
6개의 동영상
Digital-Age Culture6m
Culture Change4m
Fewer Bigger Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth7m
Unleash People- Give Blank Checks6m
Execute - Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast4m
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Leadership’s Role in Analytics with Florian Zettelmeyer

Why the data explosion in marketing has made an understanding of Big Data and Analytics essential for Leadership through Marketing.

6 videos (Total 31 min), 1 quiz
6개의 동영상
The Moneyball Story Revisited4m
Why Analytics Requires Managerial Judgment5m
Why Analytics Requires Process and Incentive Changes7m
Why Analytics Has To Be Problem Driven5m
Why You Need a Working Knowledge of Data Science4m
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Module 3 Quiz16m
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A Working Knowledge of Data Science with Florian Zettelmeyer

Get started with a Working Knowledge of Data Science by learning a simple framework that will help you catch a large fraction of the bad analytics you encounter on a regular basis.

11 videos (Total 51 min), 3 readings, 1 quiz
11개의 동영상
Why Analytics Goes Bad3m
The Data Generating Process4m
Causality and Probabilistic Equivalence7m
The Causality Checklist - Pre-Existing Differences4m
The Causality Checklist - Common Drivers5m
The Causality Checklist - Reverse Causality4m
The Causality Checklist - Confounds and Summary5m
Why Bad Causal Analytics Need Not Be Useless3m
Conclusion to Course 4 with Dean Blount1m
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Case — Pentathlon: Promotional E-mail Frequency10m
Case — Microsoft: Social Engagement10m
Case — Red: Promoted Tweets Experiment10m
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Leadership Through Marketing의 최상위 리뷰

대학: MMar 7th 2016

This course seemed to be easy; however it wasn't. the quiz was very tricky and had it's complexity that make us to wonder if we have the concept right in our mind. The teacher is amazing as well!.

대학: IVSep 27th 2016

The first half was interesting, but the second one was very dry. The second half contained more statistical related content, but it was not presented in an engaging manner.



Greg Carpenter

James Farley/Booz Allen Hamilton Professor of Marketing Strategy, Director of the Center for Market Leadership, Faculty Director, Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative (KMCI)
Kellogg School of Management

Florian Zettelmeyer

Nancy L. Ertle Professor of Marketing, Director, Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg
Kellogg School of Management

Sanjay Khosla

Adjunct Professor of Executive Education
Kellogg School of Management

노스웨스턴 대학교 정보

Northwestern University is a private research and teaching university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois, and Doha, Qatar. Northwestern combines innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment that transcends traditional academic boundaries. ...

Organizational Leadership 전문 분야 정보

Equip yourself to successfully lead organizations through clarity of purpose and effective collaboration — by building and motivating teams; designing and delivering powerful stories; developing strategies to appropriately influence; understanding underlying customer analytics and applying innovative approaches to deliver impact. How do aspiring managers succeed in an ever-changing business environment? How do they lead different groups to action? This specialization equips aspiring managers to lead change and leverage different roles and functions within for-profit institutions to create lasting value in the marketplace. Throughout the five courses, we will explore how great leaders assess themselves and lead collaborative teams that effectively manage negotiations and conflict. We will discover how leaders communicate through storytelling and employ other communication strategies to influence. Furthermore, we will learn how organizations start with the clarity of purpose that comes from an understanding of customers’ needs, including leveraging data analytics, and use that focus to drive the design of products and services to meet those needs effectively. At the end of the coursework, students will create a capstone project that allows them to apply what they have learned. Each of the individual courses can be audited for free: 1-High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation, 2-Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling, 3-Leadership Through Social Influence, 4-Leadership Through Marketing, 5-Leadership Through Design Innovation....
Organizational Leadership

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