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Computer ProgrammingProblem SolvingMatlabProgramming Language

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초급 단계

완료하는 데 약 19시간 필요

권장: 9 weeks, 3-4 hours/week...


자막: 영어, 그리스어

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1 video (Total 2 min), 3 readings
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Grading and Logistics10m
Recommended Textbook10m
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The MATLAB Environment

We will learn how to start MATLAB and will familiarize ourselves with its user interface. We will learn how to use MATLAB as a sophisticated calculator. We will learn about syntax and semantics. We will see ways in which MATLAB provides help. Finally, we will learn how to create plots in MATLAB....
7 videos (Total 132 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
7개의 동영상
Running MATLAB11m
The MATLAB Desktop16
MATLAB as a Calculator14m
Syntax and Semantics5m
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Lesson 1: The MATLAB Environment10m
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Matrices and Operators

The basic unit with which we work in MATLAB is the matrix. We solve problems by manipulating matrices, and operators are the primary means by which we manipulate them. We will learn how to define matrices, extract parts of them and combine them to form new matrices. We will learn how to use operators to add, subtract, multiply, and divide matrices, and we will learn that there are several different types of multiplication and division. Finally, we will learn MATLAB’s rules for determining the order in which operators are carried out when more than one of them appear in the same expression....
6 videos (Total 82 min), 1 reading, 4 quizzes
6개의 동영상
The Colon Operator8m
Accessing Parts of a Matrix21m
Combining and Transforming Matrices10m
Arithmetic Part 118m
Arithmetic Part 211m
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Lesson 2: Matrices and Operators10m
1개 연습문제
Lesson 2 Wrap-up20m
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Functions let us break up complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. We will learn how functions let us create reusable software components that can be applied in many different programs. We will learn how the environment inside a function is separated from the outside via a well defined interface through which it communicates with that outside world. We will learn how to define a function to allow input to it when it initiates its execution and output from it when it is done....
7 videos (Total 50 min), 1 reading, 3 quizzes
7개의 동영상
Function I/O22m
Formal Definition of Functions2m
Advantages of Functions2m
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Lesson 3: Functions10m
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Programmer's Toolbox

MATLAB has useful built-in functions and we will explore many of them in this section. We will learn about polymorphism and how MATLAB exploits it to change a function's behavior on the basis of the number and type of its inputs. Because random numbers play an important role in computer programming, we will learn how to use the MATLAB random number generator. We will learn how to get input from the keyboard, how to print to the Command Window, and how to plot graphs in a Figure window. Finally, we will learn how to find programming errors with the help of the debugger....
5 videos (Total 83 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
5개의 동영상
Matrix Building15m
Input / Output20m
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Lesson 4: Programmer's Toolbox10m
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Selection is the means by which MATLAB makes decisions about the order in which it executes its statements. We will learn how to use the if-statement, which is the most important method of selection. We will learn how to use relational operators and logical operators. We will learn how to write polymorphic functions and how to make functions resistant to error....
7 videos (Total 80 min), 1 reading, 4 quizzes
7개의 동영상
If-Statements, Continued8m
Relational and Logical Operators34m
Nested If-Statements2m
Variable Number of Function Arguments6m
Persistent Variables6m
1개의 읽기 자료
Lesson 5: Selection10m
완료하는 데 6시간 필요


Loops give computers their power. We will learn how to use both of MATLAB's loop constructs: the for-loop and the while-loop. We will learn how the break-statement works, and we will use nested loops. We will learn how to make loops more efficient. We will learn about logical indexing and will see how to use it to produce implicit loops that are efficient and easy for a user to understand....
5 videos (Total 133 min), 1 reading, 4 quizzes
5개의 동영상
Break Statements29m
Logical Indexing37m
1개의 읽기 자료
Lesson 6: Loops10m
완료하는 데 5시간 필요

Data Types

Computers operate on bits, but humans think in terms of numbers, words, and other types of data. Like any good language, MATLAB organizes bits into convenient data types. We will study those types in this section. We will learn that there are ten types of numbers and that there are conversion functions to change one type into another. We will learn much more about strings and how the characters in them are encoded as numbers. We will learn how to produce heterogeneous collections of data via structs and cells, and we will learn how to store points in time and time durations....
6 videos (Total 194 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
6개의 동영상
Character Arrays29m
The String Type (Introduced in 2017a)48m
The Datetime and Duration Types (Introduced in 2014b)59m
1개의 읽기 자료
Lesson 7: Data Types10m
완료하는 데 6시간 필요

File Input/Output

Files are named areas in permanent memory for storing data that can be used as input or output to MATLAB and to other programs. We will be introduced to MATLAB’s most important methods for reading and writing files. We will learn how to create, read from, and write into MAT-files, Excel files, text files, and binary files. We will learn how to navigate among folders with MATLAB commands....
4 videos (Total 75 min), 2 readings, 5 quizzes
4개의 동영상
Excel Files9m
Text Files12m
Binary Files38m
2개의 읽기 자료
Lesson 8: File I/O10m
Almost there!1m
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대학: MKSep 25th 2016

There is much more to MATLAB than what the course can cover. But It has definitely provided me with the necessary skills and confidence to use it in tackling the practical problems in the real world.

대학: MSApr 8th 2019

Very good course, it has some really mind blowing problem sets. I would suggest everyone to hit the problems with a blank mind, i found completely different ways to solve them, and that was amazing.



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