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권장: 20-25 hours of lectures and exams...


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Course을(를) 수강하는 학습자
  • Musicians
  • Teachers
  • Professors
Course을(를) 수강하는 학습자
  • Musicians
  • Teachers
  • Professors

100% 온라인

지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

유동적 마감일

일정에 따라 마감일을 재설정합니다.

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권장: 20-25 hours of lectures and exams...


자막: 영어

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An Introduction to Rehearsing

21개 동영상 (총 167분), 1 quiz
21개의 동영상
What Do We Do in Rehearsals?9m
What Skills Do We Need?3m
Calibrating Your Ears6m
Serving as the Composer’s Advocate15m
A Choral Perspective: The Rehearsal Process4m
An Orchestral Perspective: Three Categories of Conducting11m
Introduction to Conducting5m
Basic Set-Up5m
Conducting without a Baton5m
Baton Grip5m
Basic Patterns21m
Active and Passive Beats6m
Starting Pieces8m
Ending Pieces6m
The Ensembles that Appear in this Course1m
Macro-Micro-Macro: The Basic Process5m
Examples of Macro-Micro-Macro: Breaking Things Down7m
A Choral Perspective: Teaching Notes8m
Rehearsal Demos: Macro-Micro-Macro24m
1개 연습문제
Module 1 Quiz20m
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Communicating with the Ensemble

17개 동영상 (총 114분), 1 quiz
17개의 동영상
Finding Quality9m
Choosing Repertoire: The Musical Meal6m
A Choral and Orchestral Perspective: Repertoire24m
Count-offs: Additional Ways to Begin a Piece4m
Rehearsal Examples: Starting on Various Beats within a Measure4m
Stopping the Group3m
Changing the Size of the Pattern Based on the Music5m
Introduction to Rehearsal Segments39
Directing People's Attention in Rehearsal3m
Who, Where, What / Measure Numbers / "Count with Me"6m
Using "I" and "We"5m
Insisting on What You Want2m
Strategies for Communicating Musical Ideas9m
Communicating with Various Modes of Instruction9m
A Choral and Orchestral Perspective (Multiple Topics)14m
1개 연습문제
Module 2 Quiz20m
완료하는 데 5시간 필요

Introducing the Rehearsal Toolkit

25개 동영상 (총 183분), 2 quizzes
25개의 동영상
Introduction to Left Hand Technique: Statue and Mirroring4m
More Left Hand Technique: Statue, Mirroring, and Independence6m
Demos of the Left Hand in Rehearsal1m
Showing Dynamics and Dynamic Changes12m
The Importance of Technique as a Foundation4m
The Rehearsal Toolkit: Rhythm1m
Teaching Subdivision: Filling in the Rests3m
Thinking in Rhythmic Subdivisions12m
“Playing” without Sound: Active Resting and Handoffs8m
Working with Contrasting Rhythmic Layers5m
Cleaning Up Sloppy Entrances2m
Rests as Elements of Expression2m
Meter, Accents, and Perception10m
Rhythmic Compression5m
A Choral and Orchestral Perspective: Rhythm16m
Multi-Purpose Techniques4m
Rehearsal Demos: Bopping Part I11m
Rehearsal Demos: Bopping Part II7m
Rehearsal Demos: Using Singing7m
Rehearsal Demos: Slowing Down the Tempo for Rhythm and Accuracy21m
Rehearsal Demos: Slowing Down the Tempo for Intonation and Balance7m
Rehearsal Demos: Slowing Down the Tempo for Articulation and Style14m
1개 연습문제
Module 3 Quiz20m
완료하는 데 5시간 필요

Articulation, Balance, and Tone

28개 동영상 (총 273분), 1 quiz
28개의 동영상
Score Study22m
Applying Your Score Study8m
A Choral and Orchestral Perspective: Score Study23m
Applying Score Study to a Rehearsal26m
Conducting Articulations: Legato7m
Conducting Articulations: Two Variations on Legato2m
Conducting Articulations: Staccato and Accents8m
Conducting Fermatas and Rubato2m
Specific Choral Conducting Techniques16m
Specific String Conducting Techniques7m
Review: Two Themes of the Course3m
Exaggerating Style and Expressive Details5m
The Vocabulary of Articulation10m
Articulation: Accentuation through Emphasis and De-Emphasis3m
Bopping for Articulation1m
Developing a Legato Style4m
19th-Century Style with 21st-Century Ensembles8m
Additional Articulation Techniques10m
A Choral Perspective: Articulation and Diction11m
An Orchestral Perspective: String Articulation and Bowing16m
Balance and Tone16m
A Choral & Orchestral Perspective: Balance and Tone21m
Working with Dissonance3m
Using the Piano to Demonstrate Complex Harmonies7m
Where to Begin When You Don’t Know Where to Begin8m
1개 연습문제
Module 4 Quiz20m
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Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music Ensembles의 최상위 리뷰

대학: SSSep 11th 2017

This was an interesting and very useful course. Directors responsible for rehearsing ensembles will enjoy learning techniques, and even experienced conductors will benefit from revision and sharing.

대학: TBAug 28th 2015

This is a great course and also flexible to needs of students. If you get behind, the course is built to help you get back on track. I find this extremely helpful with a busy and irregular schedule.



Dr. Evan Feldman

Associate Professor & Wind Ensemble Conductor

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