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Considering someone for organ and tissue donation at the end of life is complicated. The boundary between life and death is more complex than ever before and it falls to medical professionals to help clarify a situation at an often confusing and emotionally stressful time. In this course you will learn about the science behind death determination and when it is possible for deceased organ donation take place. The lectures will cover medical standards at the end of life - from brain death testing, to requesting informed consent from a grieving family. By improving knowledge of good ethical practices, cultural and religious considerations and the logistics of the organ donation process this course will empower the interactions and discussions of medical professionals and the general public at an often confusing time. This course will help you to ensure that the option of organ donation is compassionately explored in all appropriate situations at the end of life in the best way possible. Watch the course trailer here The course is certified for continuing professional development (CPD) points in South Africa. Send your completion certificate to together with your HPCSA number for 25 general and 5 ethics points. For another interesting course on organ donation and transplantation, see Clinical Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplantation from Leiden University

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2020년 5월 22일

An excellent, professionally prepared course. Very informative. Different aspects about the organ donation procedures, that are always grey areas in people's minds, are well covered and answered.


2021년 8월 2일

Everything I know about organ donation will come from this course. I don't think I would have gotten exposure to such comprehensive information otherwise. Really enjoyed the course.

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Organ Donation: From Death to Life 의 133개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Julia J

2021년 4월 20일

A great course that is very informative. It tackles a variety of important topics and misconceptions surround organ donation. Every health professional should do this course!


2020년 9월 25일

Perfect course which gave me proper detailed information on Organ donation as it is important for all health medical officers to know about this and also participate in this.

교육 기관: Tshegofatso M

2021년 3월 22일

This is an important course for people studying medicine or other health-related studies as it provides comprehensive knowledge and skills as they relate to organ donation

교육 기관: dayros c

2022년 6월 13일

I learned so much from this course. Besides the main topic, I learned a lot about medicine, cultures and laws and organ donation concepts around the world.

교육 기관: Anmol T

2017년 8월 20일


교육 기관: Buzile M

2022년 3월 14일

The course was very interesting and informative. It was actually raising an awereness about Donation. I never thout of donating before, but now I am

교육 기관: Theodora A

2021년 5월 6일

Absolutely critical for all health care professionals to do this course and possibly a more targeted/direct one for the population of South Africa.

교육 기관: Nathina P

2019년 8월 16일

Very informative! I learnt a lot and feel encouraged to continue the discussion about organ transplantation with my friends, family and colleagues.

교육 기관: APURVA P

2021년 10월 2일

​Great course! Very informative. The good part was the actual organ recepient interviews which are important for organ donation awareness

교육 기관: Junaid I

2020년 7월 16일

Videos are very well done, the course is structured into reasonable chunks of content and the quizzes are relevant and stimulating.

교육 기관: Christiaan K

2020년 1월 30일

I thought it was a wonderful course that covered many varying aspects of organ donation that I had never before considered.

교육 기관: Madeleine P

2021년 3월 18일

SUCH a great learning tool and experience! The course was set up very well and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Dr Thompson!

교육 기관: Josua J

2021년 3월 9일

I would really recommend this course to anyone. It was really informative and has inspired me to become an organ donor.

교육 기관: Lebajoa S

2021년 3월 21일

Intense depth into the core ideas, epidemiology and cultural roles in organ donation. Quite interesting. Awesome!

교육 기관: Natalie E

2020년 6월 2일

Thought this course was very insightful and I learnt a lot about organ donation that I previously was unaware of.

교육 기관: Stephanie K

2022년 3월 21일

Very useful, not widely known, information about organ donation. Important for all health care professionals.

교육 기관: Modjadji B M

2021년 3월 17일

Thank you for the amazing course! Very informative and has definitely made a significant impact on my life.

교육 기관: Willie C

2019년 11월 7일

Good lecture for thorough information of organ donation over the world

Great in bedside/operation room video

교육 기관: 陶磊

2018년 7월 14일


교육 기관: Aloysius O I

2017년 12월 16일

Very rich and stimulating course. I love this course. Kudos to the team who made this course possible.

교육 기관: Lizbeth E V N

2019년 4월 10일

it is helpulf to everybody, i undestand why is important and the possibility to help others.

교육 기관: Grace C

2022년 3월 9일

Very informative. I especially appreciated the myths that were addressed and corrected.

교육 기관: Nicolette B

2021년 2월 26일

Excellent course. Short, practical, interesting videos. Highly recommend. Learnt a lot.

교육 기관: dr n s

2020년 4월 10일



교육 기관: Sameer k

2020년 3월 26일

leaned alot of insight and i really gained good knowledge into this particular subject