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When an investor is faced with a portfolio choice problem, the number of possible assets and the various combinations and proportions in which each can be held can seem overwhelming. In this course, you’ll learn the basic principles underlying optimal portfolio construction, diversification, and risk management. You’ll start by acquiring the tools to characterize an investor’s risk and return trade-off. You will next analyze how a portfolio choice problem can be structured and learn how to solve for and implement the optimal portfolio solution. Finally, you will learn about the main pricing models for equilibrium asset prices. Learners will: • Develop risk and return measures for portfolio of assets • Understand the main insights from modern portfolio theory based on diversification • Describe and identify efficient portfolios that manage risk effectively • Solve for portfolio with the best risk-return trade-offs • Understand how risk preference drive optimal asset allocation decisions • Describe and use equilibrium asset pricing models....

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Mar 03, 2020

I love how Dr O teach by telling a story. Her Teaching technique is different from the college boring classes that I have been.\n\nI wish she offer more courses.


Aug 18, 2019

One of the finest courses on Coursera. Gives a deep and invaluable insight into Investment and Portfolio Management theories and practices. A must do!

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Portfolio Selection and Risk Management의 67개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Abdullah Ç

May 09, 2019

An excellent course for understanding the portfolio theory

교육 기관: Sania N

Jul 01, 2020

Very in depth and a challenging course.

교육 기관: Attilio

Sep 05, 2019

Need to be more faster in reviewing

교육 기관: Terri C T L

Dec 17, 2016

I've learnt a lot from this course!

교육 기관: Gerard C B

Jun 15, 2020

Dr O is great!

Excellent course.

교육 기관: Emmanuel B K

Dec 18, 2017

Excellent Course!

Thanks to Dr. O!

교육 기관: 高鑫禄 ( X

Sep 16, 2018

very good but with some mistakes

교육 기관: Kristian B

Apr 04, 2020

Very useful, kudos to Doctor O.

교육 기관: Antonius F G

Jan 13, 2018

Informative and mind opening.

교육 기관: Karampatos G

Apr 22, 2018

Excellent course !

교육 기관: Ahmed Y S H

Apr 15, 2020

Enrichment course

교육 기관: Artem T

May 30, 2019

Great, thank you

교육 기관: Everth V J

Jun 12, 2017

Excellent course

교육 기관: Miao H

May 30, 2017

fabulous lecture

교육 기관: Cristiano S

Dec 26, 2017


교육 기관: Lautaro P

Nov 27, 2018

great course!

교육 기관: Deleted A

Jun 24, 2017

Hey its great

교육 기관: Mario P L B

Jan 01, 2020

Really good

교육 기관: John M G

Dec 27, 2019

Very good!

교육 기관: GM F B M

Nov 01, 2019

Vey Good

교육 기관: Herman A L d S

Mar 25, 2018


교육 기관: Edmund A D d L

Feb 27, 2017


교육 기관: Париков И

May 02, 2019


교육 기관: Axel B J

Apr 17, 2020


교육 기관: Edgar R C K

Feb 23, 2019