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Nursing Informatics Training and Education, 미네소타 대학교

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About this Course

In this fourth of our five courses, I will go deeper into the training and education leadership skills that are helpful for nursing informatics leaders. I will also guide you through the process of preparing a course document or syllabus for the nursing informatics specialty both in academic settings and in practice or industry. Following are the course objectives: 1. Describe relevant nursing informatics course development in clinical and academic settings to understand similarities and differences in informatics teaching and education across settings. 2. Describe informatics education and training needs for diverse participants with various experience levels to enable development of appropriate training and education materials. 3. Develop a prototype course syllabus and introductory recorded message to apply learning in a simulated setting. 4. Describe the benefits of formal and informal mentoring for nursing informaticians to advance career opportunities and support the nursing informatics specialty....

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Mar 29, 2019

thank you very much\n\nI'm finally made it in life

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대학: Candice Crain

Mar 29, 2019

thank you very much

I'm finally made it in life

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Feb 27, 2019