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In this guided project, you will learn about working with Google's BigQuery which is allows easily work with and query massive datasets without worrying about time wasting or having the right infrastructure to analyze that data quickly. You will learn how to use big query to collect your data, query it with SQL and even do quick visualizations on it....
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Working with BigQuery의 5개 리뷰 중 1~5

교육 기관: Ikechukwu N O

2021년 7월 24일

This is a great guide to start with BigQuery

교육 기관: Daphne J M

2021년 11월 15일

Very sensible and easy to understand.

교육 기관: Monsur A

2021년 10월 29일

Good introduction to BigQuey

교육 기관: Garima A

2021년 9월 16일

It was quick, short course for anyone looking to get a feel of how the platform looks and to perform some very basic operations on Google BigQuery. Overall a good course :) thank you!

교육 기관: Sara S

2021년 11월 11일

Nice idea, but the software used it cumbersome to work with. I would prefer doing my own split screen with BigQuery and the video, but it keeps prompting me to use the incognito tab to access BigQuery. However the password reset wasn't working. I unenrolled from the course.